Habits Forming – Diet Day 10

Inevitably there are going to be days when things do not go well. That is a fact of life on a diet as well as in life. The question becomes, how do we deal with those days? Will we treat them as obstacles and roadblocks or do we view them as opportunities and grow from the adversity?

When I started this diet my expectation was that it would be the lifetime of poor food choices that would be my downfall. After a few short days of eating what I anticipated would be either bland or terrible tasting food I figured I would get frustrated and end up going to the pantry and picking out a candy bar or a bowl of sugar-laden cereal.

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Noticing Change – Diet Day 9

While yesterday’s clothes fitting experience was exciting it was largely something that only I would be able to recognize. After all, a week is too soon for noticeable changes to appear right? Today would be a test of that theory.

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Subtle Clothes Differences – Diet Day 8

I definitely had not expected to see myself lose ten pounds in the first week so I was still in shock from getting on the scale yesterday. I have to admit; I really thought someone was playing a cruel trick on me resetting the scale just so I would think I was actually losing weight when in reality there was no change.

No one in my family would be that cruel; ok maybe my son Dakota would do that but that’s just because he has the same sort of warped sense of humor that I do and only he and I would think that was funny. So you have to excuse me if I sounded a little bit paranoid when I began quizzing my wife and kids as to whether they had somehow mechanically altered the scale.

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Progress Week One – Diet Day 7

When I started this diet a week ago I had very little confidence that this was really going to make a difference. After all, based on my rather sedentary job coupled with a lack of a formal exercise program and add to that the years of poor food choices I was almost positive that I was a lost cause. There is no magic formula that could possibly make a difference and reverse what I had been doing most of my life.

I had further wondered whether I would even have the willpower to continue a fairly regimented program that told me when and what I could eat. I was warned that the first three or four days would be brutal. I would be tired, hungry, and have headaches as my body tried to adjust to this new eating system.

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Starting to Feel a Difference – Diet Day 6

Day six and for the first time since I started this diet I am starting to feel just a little different. No I am not suggesting that some weight loss miracle has happened and I am suddenly getting calls from Sports Illustrated asking me if I am available to be one of their swim suit models.

Something just feels different. It’s hard to explain. The first thing I am noticing is that I seem to have more energy than I did over the first few days. I don’t seem to be as tired or fatigued and I am actually looking at ways that I can begin physical exercise something I haven’t thought about for a long time.

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No Seriously, I Ate Buffalo – Diet Day 5

As part of this new eating program, I am slowly adjusting my food choices to what I hope are healthy choices. The majority of my day is fairly regulated eating meals designed by “the program” to ensure that my body is placed in fat burning state. These meals are augmented by one meal typically in the evening that consists of a lean protein and vegetables.

Over the first four days I played things rather safely. I stuck with a green salad and added such normal staples as radishes and celery. The protein consisted of chicken or lean pork cuts measuring approximately 5-6 ounces.

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The Art of Time Management – Diet Day 4

On of the hardest things that I have had to deal with while on this diet is one I had not even anticipated. Going into this experience I had expected to be fighting the required food and the differences from what I had been accustomed to eat. There was of course the fears of temptations as the likes of homemade beef jerky, dried apples (thanks Mom and Dad), and of course the kids talking about such delicacies as Mickey Bars and other ice cream delights.

Despite being offered I had no inclination of partaking in the food choices that had led to this in the first place. I wasn’t even bothered by the fatigue that my health coach Amy had warned me about. All of these things were rather simple to overcome during the first four days of my “journey to a healthier me” (a tag line that I’ve yet to fully embrace).

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What Am I Doing – Diet Day 3

According to the documentation I received from my Health Coach Amy, the worst part of this diet is the first 3-4 days. My body has to adjust from eating one large meal at the end of the day to spreading the calories and fuel across 6 small meals. My taste buds are getting acclimated to the new texture of food and they are starting to rebel against powdered eggs. I have a feeling I may have over-bought eggs and should have mixed the breakfasts up differently getting pancakes and other items. Today I started with a protein shake, which tasted a lot like a creamsicle.

The sleep part is still a struggle but I was able to get to sleep without staring at the ceiling fan so that’s a positive change. My body seems to be adapting to drinking so much water but I still feel water logged.

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Making Adjustments – Diet Day 2

The first day of the diet went fairly well. I didn’t get hungry at all. In fact I needed to continue to remind myself that I needed to eat every 3 hours. While the food wasn’t anything you would find in a 5-star restaurant the taste was rather good. Texture on the other hand is something I am going to have to get used to.

Although the food part of the program seems doable I am really struggling with the sleep required. Since high school I have never slept more than 4 hours a night. On this program I am to get a minimum of 8 hours of rest. This is going to be a point of frustration for me.

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