No Seriously, I Ate Buffalo – Diet Day 5

As part of this new eating program, I am slowly adjusting my food choices to what I hope are healthy choices. The majority of my day is fairly regulated eating meals designed by “the program” to ensure that my body is placed in fat burning state. These meals are augmented by one meal typically in the evening that consists of a lean protein and vegetables.

Over the first four days I played things rather safely. I stuck with a green salad and added such normal staples as radishes and celery. The protein consisted of chicken or lean pork cuts measuring approximately 5-6 ounces.

My theory was that with all of the changes I was introducing into my body with this new diet I needed to moderate how crazy things were. Since having my gallbladder removed last year I learned that slow and easy changes reduced the likelihood of my body revolting. And considering the past tour days it seems to have worked. Now though it was time to give my system a little bit of a wake up call.

Trina read through the listing of proteins that were allowable on the diet. There were of course lots of healthy choices around fish but I am really not much of a fan of fish so I’ve shied away from that so far. There is also chicken and pork which I have been using. Then there was the list that I called “exotic proteins”. These included game meats and other things that are not typically found in your local grocery store meat department.

One of the items that caught my eye was bison or buffalo. I have to admit; I’ve never even considered buffalo as a meal. I briefly fantasied travelling back in time in the mid-1800’s riding the iron horse across the Great Plains where herds of buffalo roamed. I would meet the Native American tribes and be welcomed in to hunt buffalo and speak on behalf of my oppressed brothers.

Trina of course brought be back to reality destroying the fantasy by reminding me that Sprouts was having their semi-annual buffalo stampede sale on buffalo meat. So instead of loading rounds for my trusty Winchester rifle I got to push a shopping cart down the aisle of a health-food grocery store.

Once we had the meat at home the question became, how the heck are you supposed to cook a buffalo. Well in my case it was, what am I supposed to do with ground buffalo meat? I first suggested building a smokehouse teepee and roasting the meat like our forefathers. Trina seemed less interested in making this meal as authentic as possible opting for grilling.

Buffalo meat is extremely lean so just grilling like you would a hamburger would result in a rather dry piece of meat. Instead we grilled it then placed it in tin foil where the juices collected keeping it moist. I’m sure this is the same way my ancient ancestors prepared it except for the fact that they didn’t have a health food grocery, a set of Ginzu knives, a grill that ran on propane, or tin foil but other than those few differences I’m sure it was exactly the same.

So as my family sat around staring at me as if to see if I would suddenly sprout fur and horns as I ate buffalo I took that brave culinary step. You know, it’s not too bad. And this is may the one time in the history of food that I can say, it didn’t taste like chicken.

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