Managing Schedules, Weight Update – Diet Day 15

When I ended week 2 I did not have an opportunity to step on the scales to find out what if any weight I lost over the past week. After a ten-pound reduction in week one I was eager to see what the results would be from the second week.

I have to admit, I had perhaps set my expectations way too high. It would be impossible for my body to handle reduction of ten pounds each week so even remotely thinking that I would have dropped 20 pounds is ridiculous. Besides, if a diet program could support a 20-pound weight loss in 2 weeks everyone would be on it.

So I stepped on the scales today not knowing what to expect. As I looked down I am now at 197 so I am below the 200-pound mark as I expected. This means I lost three pounds during the past week. Medical professionals suggest that a 1-2 pound reduction per week is the limit for safe weight loss and allows the body to adapt to the changes. It is also a recipe for keeping the weight off so I should be happy with the results.

I am thrilled to be under 200 and I am happy to see progress continuing even if at a slower pace. I was hoping for five pounds but considering I have not introduced physical activity into my program I think this is a good number that I can live with.

It’s not just the weight though, I am starting to notice that my stomach and waist are reducing and my pants are fitting baggier now than in the past. The weight is coming off the right places so that it is distributed in a way that will sustain not just weight but also a healthy life style.

With the weight measurement completed and progress marked I got ready for work. I am still having some struggles around managing work activities, home activities, and the need to eat every two or three hours. When working remotely I am reminded of eating by seeing the mini-meal ingredients in the house. At the office they are less visible.

The result is that at work it sometimes goes “out of sight, out of mind” and when I am busy on conference calls or in meetings I lose track of time. During the first two weeks of the diet I have not had a lot of hunger pangs so I am not given physical clues that it is time to eat. Perhaps those will come as my body adjusts to this routine but right now it is still a challenge.

This week I have seen the time between meals go from 2 hours to 4 hours so I haven’t yet gotten the consistency that I need for this to be the most successful. Hopefully after the horrendous week I have had that I can find some kind of routine to get back on a more regimented schedule.

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