Habits Forming – Diet Day 10

Inevitably there are going to be days when things do not go well. That is a fact of life on a diet as well as in life. The question becomes, how do we deal with those days? Will we treat them as obstacles and roadblocks or do we view them as opportunities and grow from the adversity?

When I started this diet my expectation was that it would be the lifetime of poor food choices that would be my downfall. After a few short days of eating what I anticipated would be either bland or terrible tasting food I figured I would get frustrated and end up going to the pantry and picking out a candy bar or a bowl of sugar-laden cereal.

Strangely that has not happened. In fact, I have noticed quite the opposite. In the first week I had avoided going to the grocery store with my wife not wanting to be reminded that much of the processed food lining the shelves are right now off-limits.

During our recent evening out I was terrified to learn that there would be a food buffet there with tables lined with finger foods and desserts. As I walked by each of the delectable presentations of food I found myself not lamenting about not being able to eat them but instead to look at them and begin to question why I would want to put these unhealthy things into my body.

Since that time I have gone to the store with Trina and where before I might throw a package of Hostess HoHo’s into the cart or add a bottle of soda while waiting to check out I instead was perusing the produce department wondering how to prepare things such as Bok Choy and Fennel.

The bad days I’ve ad so far have not been from being tempted by food. Instead I find myself still struggling to get to bed earlier and get a full night’s sleep. Last night was a prime example. I had intentions of going to bed at 10 PM or shortly there after. Instead at midnight I found myself still on the computer trying to solve the issues I have been having the last several days with a program.

By 1 AM I was cursing under my breath about how the problem solution was eluding me. I reminded myself that staying up all night to try and resolve the problem was not only bad for troubleshooting but was also bad for my health.

Despite the problem existing, I stepped away from the keyboard and went to bed with the intention of getting a full 8 hours of sleep even if that meant sleeping later than normal. Before this diet program began I would have never considered this plan of attack. I would have pulled an all-niter getting no sleep and keeping myself awake with sugar and snacks then crashing for an hour and getting up and doing it again.

Maybe, just maybe I am starting to form positive habits that will take me beyond just weight loss and lead to a healthy lifestyle that I can sustain for the rest of my life. It’s just been one week but my thought processes are already beginning to be altered.

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