Facing Challenges – Diet Day 12

As I began this journey towards creating better health I did so with a relatively stringent timeline. While it may at first seem like I decided to start this diet as a New Year’s resolution but that was not the case. My expectation is that I will be on the diet for approximately three months which means I will complete the weight loss phase by the first weekend in April.

This is important. The first weekend in April is Opening Weekend for Major League Baseball and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have to worry about mixing diet food with ballpark food. That doesn’t mean I’m planning on reverting back to my old eating habits of hot dogs, polish dogs, soda, and cotton candy. It just means I am hoping not to worry about packing a protein shake in my seat cushion.

The other consideration was that the first quarter of work is generally slower meaning I don’t have to worry about travel or conferences. This consideration has suddenly been thrown under the bus.

In the last week I have been notified that I have several days of meetings and potential travel plans. Suddenly I don’t have the luxury of being close to home where I can monitor my diet and eating habits.

Beginning today I will be in a 3-day conference from 8 AM through 5 PM. A continental breakfast will be provided and there will be a working lunch. In the evenings there will be dinners with teammates and clients.

That was not in the plan and I am suddenly worried about what I am going to do. Leading up to this conference I developed a plan of action. I will start the day with breakfast and two 16 ounce glasses of water. I will take two energy bars and a set of diet chips.

This should be able to allow me to remain on my 3 hour eating schedule. I’ll have to manage the water intake to make sure I drink the 99 ounces per day necessary while not having to make bathroom breaks every 10 minutes.

This week will definitely be a challenge, my first one while on this diet. I just hope this will work.

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