Completing Week 2 – Diet Day 14

Today marks the end of the second week of my diet. Despite my disappointment yesterday I still feel like I am making progress and having success. I am still in the horrific 3-day meeting today so I did not have an opportunity to weigh myself. From my weighing yesterday I know that I am at last below 200 pounds which is something I have not been able to say for several years.

Besides the physical changes of weight loss I am building a decisioning process that will lead to long term success. I’m making proper choices and that’s a great start. I’ve experienced my first frustration day and lived through it. Despite my mental lapse I remained true to the diet even though the meal timing was not optimum.

I am starting to look at my “Lean and Green” meal not as a reprieve from powdered food but just a piece in the total dietary landscape. That meal is not a opportunity to go overboard eating larger portions and justifying it as the only “real” meal of the day.

I’m eating much healthier with more vegetables and less carbohydrates. I’ve expanded my palate not relying on high sugar vegetables such as carrots or corn. I’m learning to appreciate the value of green vegetables and actually enjoying eating them.

So at the end of half a month I’m seeing progress and it’s positive. I’m looking forward to the beginning of this next week. Not only will I be done with the troublesome meetings but I will be introducing exercise into my program and that’s a good thing.

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