There Are Diet Side Effects? – Diet Day 19

Before starting this diet program I was given homework that included reading a chapter, cleaning out the kitchen and pantry, and taking a pre-test to assess how well or how poorly my decisions have been. The test was a disaster where I actually scored negative points.

The pantry and kitchen cleaning was likewise not good. I found junk food and candy stashed in the corners and you know you just can’t let that stuff go to waste so I “took care of it”. That may be the reason why I actually started the diet three pounds heavier than I expected.

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You Know You’re Committed – Diet Day 18

Sometimes you start a tradition and do not really think through the implications of what it may mean down the road. When our oldest daughter graduated from high school we wanted to reward he by taking a family trip. At the time it seemed like a great way to recognize this accomplishment in her life.

We decided to allow her to select where we would go on the trip. Without hesitation she exclaimed, “Walt Disney World!” Well who are we to argue with a trip to see Mickey Mouse and friends? Plans were made and we made the trip.

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Dwindling Orders, Food Evaluation – Diet Day 17

An important part of my diet is eating five small “meals” a day along with one “Lean and Green” meal consisting of a healthy protein and vegetables. The five small meals come from a catalog of food whichI ordered when I started the program.

The problem of course is that never having been on a diet nor knowing what any of this food tasted like I had no way to know whether the things I was choosing were good or not so good. During the first two weeks of being on this diet it has been a giant science experiment to see what I would or would not eat.

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Learning About Motion – Diet Day 16

Having successfully completed the first two weeks of my diet I am now ready to begin week three. I am really looking forward to this week because I will now be able to incorporate exercise into the program.

It’s funny, when I was younger I fashioned myself an athlete. From a very early age I was involved in one sport or another. I was always active whether it be running, throwing, hitting, kicking, or swimming. As I got older and heavier I found my level of activity diminish.

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Managing Schedules, Weight Update – Diet Day 15

When I ended week 2 I did not have an opportunity to step on the scales to find out what if any weight I lost over the past week. After a ten-pound reduction in week one I was eager to see what the results would be from the second week.

I have to admit, I had perhaps set my expectations way too high. It would be impossible for my body to handle reduction of ten pounds each week so even remotely thinking that I would have dropped 20 pounds is ridiculous. Besides, if a diet program could support a 20-pound weight loss in 2 weeks everyone would be on it.

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Completing Week 2 – Diet Day 14

Today marks the end of the second week of my diet. Despite my disappointment yesterday I still feel like I am making progress and having success. I am still in the horrific 3-day meeting today so I did not have an opportunity to weigh myself. From my weighing yesterday I know that I am at last below 200 pounds which is something I have not been able to say for several years.

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The Worst Day Yet – Diet Day 13

Day one of the 3-day conference went very well. I began my day with pancakes then went to the meeting. They had Danishes and juice but I maintained my resolve and passed. During the day they had homemade cookies and other treats but I again refrained. Lunch was Paradise Bakery which I again passed maintaining my eating habits on the program. By the end of the day my confidence was riding high. I just might be able to do this.

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Facing Challenges – Diet Day 12

As I began this journey towards creating better health I did so with a relatively stringent timeline. While it may at first seem like I decided to start this diet as a New Year’s resolution but that was not the case. My expectation is that I will be on the diet for approximately three months which means I will complete the weight loss phase by the first weekend in April.

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The Mad Scientist – Diet Day 11

When I signed up for this diet I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Being a diet rookie I had no clue what an eating program meant or what the logistics were around my commitment. While my health coach was very good at outlining the program I had no frame of reference to put the information into the proper context.

The first item of business was to order food that is vital to the success of my diet. I was presented a web site with pictures of exciting food that I could choose from. After careful consideration I selected what I would eat for the first month.

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