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In my never ending quest for the perfect iPod Touch case I have taken another step. Before I begin it might be prudent for me to recount what brought us to this point in time.

I bought an iPod Touch as soon as they were released. I loved the capabilities of the device and was especially impressed with the battery life especially when watching movies or listening to music.

When Apple released the second generation with double the capacity I quickly purchased a second one passing the first generation down to my kids. While I love the device, I am also scared to death that I am going to scratch it or somehow damage the device.

I decided I needed to somehow protect the iPod and so began my quest for the perfect case. I have only a few requirements for the case. First it must protect the device. That may sound obvious but given the number of cases on the market you would be surprised how many of them do not protect the iPod front and back from damage.

The case must not impede the use of the device. It must not hamper the use of the touch screen or the buttons on the top and side of the device. It should also allow easy access to the headphone jack, the docking port, and all other controls.

The case must be durable. I take my iPod touch with me everywhere and the last thing I need is for the protective cover to wear out.

Another rather obvious requirement is that the case cannot damage or mar the iPod Touch in any way. You would think that would be a given but I have had cases in the past where dye from the color in the silicone case has bled onto the iPod Touch turning it a color.

Finally, the case must not add to the bulk of the device. One of the things I like best about the iPod Touch is the slim and sleek design. The last thing I want is to ruin that form factor with some large or bulky case.

Over the years I have gone through a plethora of cases. They have ranged from hard plastic to silicone skins to space aged polymer skins that adhere to the device. I purchased each of these cases with high hopes that it would be the perfect case. After limited use, each of the cases would fall short and my search would begin again.

After my latest case, the iSkin Duo, began to leave dye marks on the iPod and limited the use of the docking port I was once again in the market for a new case.

I happened into the local Apple Store once again searching for a case. After looking at everything on their display several times I was about to leave empty-handed when I spotted a metallic Air Jacket case by Power Support.

The Apple store had only one, an iridescent purple. I really didn’t want a purple case but I was intrigued by the Air Jacket. It is a plastic case that claims a maximum thickness of only 1 mm.

The case itself is plastic but feels nearly weightless in your hands. It protects the entire back of the iPod Touch. The corners on the face are exposed so you do have to be careful. The front of the iPod Touch is protected with a film that attaches to the front of the iPod Touch.

The film does offer protection and doesn’t seem to impede the touch sensitivity of the screen. The case comes with two front screen protectors. One is referred to as crystal while the other is an anti-glare screen. I chose to use the crystal. I personally believe the glossy face displays richer colors.

Installation of the screen protector and the plastic Air Jacket case were relatively painless. It may take a couple of tries to get the front protector on without any air bubbles and you do have to make sure the screen is dirt and lint free but overall it’s fairly easy to install.

While I am still not a big fan of the purple, the case is very nice and I have had several people comment on how great it looks. Besides the purple, the Air Jacket also comes in pink, gold, orange, and red.

If I had my choice I would have preferred the red but when you need a case quickly, you take whatever the store has in stock.

I’ve been using the Air Jacket case now for over a month. It has done an admirable job of protecting my iPod Touch. The case adds relatively no bulk to the device keeping the form factor the same as one without a case.

The screen protector has likewise done its job. It does tend to show finger prints more than the iPod Touch without a cover. I am willing to accept that to have the peace of mind that my iPod is protected.

I would definitely recommend the Air Jacket to anyone looking for a minimal iPod Touch case. The only thing that would have made this case better would have been if I could have found a red one rather than the purple.

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