MacPadd Resolution and Statement

It has come to my attention that I am again somehow involved in a dispute with the manufacturers of MacPadd. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight and provide some details on my transaction with this company.

While I have written of my experiences in a previous post, let me recap for those who do not want to read that lengthy account. In an impulse purchase I bought a MacPadd Pro mouse pad through the manufacturer’s (QMS) web site.

Shortly after completing the purchase I ceased receiving any communications from the company. This lasted several months and I had given up hope of ever seeing the mouse pad I had purchased or the money.

In a last ditch effort to get closure on this transaction I initiated a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Almost immediately I received an email from a representative of QMS. Through several discussions the company agreed to send my mouse pad.

The shipment went out in early November. After several weeks I had still not received the MacPadd that had been shipped. I took into account the holidays and patiently waited to no avail, I still did not have my mouse pad.

I continued to exchange emails with the company and finally in January they agreed to re-send another mouse pad. On January 19, 2010 I received a package from MacPadd. From the postmark on the outside of the package I can only assume this was the second one that was shipped since it was dated January 8, 2010.

I have never seen the first package and I am willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt that it was indeed sent but somehow lost in transit. So nearly ten months after I ordered the MacPadd from the QMS web site, the transaction was finally completed.

It has been a long and arduous path for a mouse pad and I can honestly say I never want to go through that again. I am frustrated to find my name continues to be associated with this. I was sent a link to the MacPadd web site where they have posted my email to them on their blog.

I did not authorize them to use this email and I am extremely disappointed and quite angry that they took this liberty without my permission. I do not appreciate them posting my email address in clear text to be picked up by every SPAMbot on the Internet.

While I appreciated the company following up and making sure I received the product I purchased, this has not been a pleasant customer experience. I have been accused of slander, had company representatives send scathing notes to me (which were later rescinded with a formal apology), and had my ethics questioned all over a mouse pad.

And perhaps the worst part of all of this is that after I finally received the MacPadd Pro I found that it did not meet my expectations. It is smaller than I expected, the tracking with my Magic Mouse is not as precise as I would have liked, and it was loud when dragging the mouse across it. So after waiting all that time, the MacPadd now sits in a desk drawer.

I should probably have posted this statement earlier but at approximately the same time as the second MacPadd shipped, my credit card number was stolen. I have been more than preoccupied with Internet Fraud authorities than with posting the outcome of a mouse pad purchase.

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