Power Support Air Jacket

In my never ending quest for the perfect iPod Touch case I have taken another step. Before I begin it might be prudent for me to recount what brought us to this point in time.

I bought an iPod Touch as soon as they were released. I loved the capabilities of the device and was especially impressed with the battery life especially when watching movies or listening to music.

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APC – 1300 VA Battery Back-Up System

Initially when I began having problems with my NetGear ReadyNAS system I blamed the issue on bad power. It had all of the symptoms of spikes or brown-outs that were causing the device to freeze.

Add to this the fact that the electrician on my house had to be one of the Marx Brothers and I knew I needed to find a power solution that could protect my network storage device.

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Troubleshooting NetGear ReadyNAS Problems

Recently I wrote about having severe problems with the NetGear ReadyNAS. These problems were causing the device to fall off the network requiring a hard re-boot to make it available on the network again.

The hard reboot was bad enough but the subsequent media check meant the reboot time would stretch into hours before service was restored. Not exactly the kind of customer experience I was hoping for when I bought the device.

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MacPadd Resolution and Statement

It has come to my attention that I am again somehow involved in a dispute with the manufacturers of MacPadd. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight and provide some details on my transaction with this company.

While I have written of my experiences in a previous post, let me recap for those who do not want to read that lengthy account. In an impulse purchase I bought a MacPadd Pro mouse pad through the manufacturer’s (QMS) web site.

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