The Christmas Newsletter

The holiday season is filled with all kinds of activities. There is of course the outside decorations, the Christmas tree, and of course the Nativity display. Each of these build towards the magic of the season.

Shortly after finishing the decorating, Trina will make a batch of her wonderful hot chocolate and we will stand back and observe all of the work. It is a wonderful time that fills your heart with joy and happiness.

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Rocketfish Gaming Mouse Pad

With the struggles I have had trying to procure a MacPadd mouse pad (I still have not received it and continue to try and work with the manufacturer to finally take delivery of the mouse pad I purchased), I finally decided that I just could not wait any longer and needed to find something.

While I would love to continue waiting for delivery of the mouse pad I bought, I have to move on especially now that I have a glass top desk. As everyone knows, the laser mice that are popular on the market now just don’t work on a glass surface or if they do the performance is lackluster to say the least.

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Why the BCS is Good for College Football

I should probably preface this by saying I am not a huge follower of college football; at least not to the extent that I follow baseball. That being said, I do keep tabs on how the season is progressing and of course I follow my alma mater and the local teams.

Given my foot injury this past weekend and the fact that I have already watched all of the baseball games I have on the TiVo at least a million times I turned my attention to the college football games on the television.

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The Christmas Train

Christmas has always been special. From the giant stocking I gave Trina when we began dating to getting engaged, this time of year holds a special place in our hearts. Shortly after we began having children I decided our decorations were missing something.

The first Christmas after our second daughter was born I decided what we really needed was a train to go around the Christmas tree. I had always wanted a model train and this seemed to give me the perfect excuse.

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What Happened to Global Warming?

For the past several years all we have heard was that man was ruining the environment and that the planet was on the verge of revolt. Terms such as “global warming” and “carbon footprint” were bantered about each being used to describe the impending doom we are about to face.

Scientists throughout the world lamented of melting polar ice caps and large holes in the ozone layer. We were told again and again that if things did not quickly do an about face we could face extinction much like the dinosaurs eons ago.

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Doctor It Hurts When I Do This

From a lifetime of being an athlete I have collected more than my share of injuries and scars. I attribute part of it from the fact that I always gave everything when I was out on the field. And by everything I usually mean there was literally a part of me left in the dirt or on the fence or in the trainer’s room.

When I was younger I was under the delusion that I was invincible. For some inconceivable reason I thought I was either going to live forever and not to worry or if my freshman English teacher was correct I would either be dead or making license plates by the time I was 30.

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iSkin Solo FX

The search for the perfect iPhone cover can best be compared to the quest to find the Holy Grail. The iPhone with it’s distinctive shape and capabilities cannot possibly been contained in just any case. It deserves to have an equally cool container to protect it from the elements and the occasional drop from a pocket or desk.

Since purchasing the iPhone 3G when it was first released in 2008, I have gone through no fewer than eight cases. Each time I buy one I think this will be the one that will finally meet all of my criteria while still being stylish enough to carry.

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Top Ten Gadgets of the Decade

It is hard to believe that 2009 is nearly over. As I stopped to ponder how quickly the year has gone I realized it has been ten years since we were preparing to usher in a new decade and a new century.

As 1999 was coming to an end I like most others in the Information Technology industry was preparing for the impending Y2K doom that was being predicted in the media. Of course nothing happened and that was a non-event.

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Really Right Stuff MH-01

When I first purchased my Gitzo Series 3 monopod I needed a head to hold the camera. At the time I selected a Really Right Stuff BH-40 mid-sized ball head. The ball head was amazing and was perhaps the finest engineered photography accessory I have ever seen in my life.

It works perfectly securing the camera or the lens. The only issue I have with it is the fact that it is too versatile for what I need. The BH-40 was designed to be a tripod ball head. It is designed to adjust on any axis.

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