Yet Another Photo Blog Importer/Exporter

Recently I wrote about the WordPress plug-in Yet Another Photo Blog which I used to create my 1Photo2Share photo blog. This plug-in is amazing and provides all the functionality to create a very professional photo blog.

It allows you to create a WordPress post that contains a single photograph per post. This is all you need if you want to create a post every day. My problem is that I am never organized enough to remember to post each day.

What I need is a tool that will allow me to go through all of my photographs at a single sitting then identify which ones I want to share on my photo blog. Once I have a batch of images that I want to share I need a way to create a series of posts at one time.

Luckily I am not the only one who thought this would be useful functionality. Jon Haywood created a plug-in aptly named Yet Another PhotoBlog Importer/Exporter. This plug-in extends the capabilities of Yet Another PhotoBlog by giving you the tools to do a batch import or export of data from the WordPress databases.

The plug-in installs through the standard WordPress Administration Tool process. Once installed it adds an entry under Tools called Export YAPB. This will allow you to create an export file which is an XML file with all the information about your photo blog. It includes the option to restrict the file by a single author or all authors.

The second option that allows importing can be found under Tools->Import. At the bottom of the choices is YAPB Importer which will allow you to import an XML file of the format created under the Export YAPB tool.

This provides you with the file formats that you can insert a batch of entries into Yet Another Photo Blog. With this tool you can schedule several photos to be published at a specific time and date without adding each individually.

For anyone who uses Yet Another PhotoBlog, this is an extremely useful plug-in that comes highly recommended.

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