There’s A Turkey in my Pool

It must be Thanksgiving, there’s a turkey in my pool. I never get tired of that line nor do I get tired of the confused look that accompanies that comment. I probably need to explain.

My family is addicted to The Food Network. Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, and Paula Dean are all deities around our house. There is probably not a day go by that The Food Network is tuned in. It is not just my wife who is addicted; all of the kids also have their favorite personalities and shows.

It’s not just the shows and the personalities; we have also collected a fair amount of recipes that have become staples on our dinner table. One of the most popular has been the turkey recipe that we found from Good Eats.

Alton Brown is a big proponent of brining the turkey to maintain moisture and give it flavor. The recipe is fairly simple with vegetable stock, herbs, spices, and of course lots of Kosher salt.

These ingredients are combined and simmered then chilled. The turkey is placed in a container along with the brine, ice, and water where it sits overnight before cooking.

Because of the size of the turkey and the brine solution it requires us to use a 5-gallon container. The problem is that we have nowhere to store the turkey while it is soaking.

Our refrigerator is not large enough to keep the bird and the container but it must be kept cool. Well I’m a problem solver so I found a unique solution.

By November our swimming pool water hovers around 45 degrees which coincidentally is the same temperature to maintain a chilled bird. So after putting the bird in the container and starting it to soak we place the 5-gallon bucket in the swimming pool with a brick on the top.

The bird stays in the pool overnight. Sometime in the middle of the night I will get up and flip the bird (yet another great phrase that Trina freaks out about when I use it). The next day we’ll remove the turkey from the brine and let it sit before starting it roasting.

I swear, stories like this are just too crazy to make these things up. So the next time you think you are strange and unusual Thanksgiving traditions ask yourself, do you have a Jewish turkey floating in your swimming bird?

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