MacHeist nanoBundle

Shortly after purchasing my MacBook Pro last spring I came across MacHeist. Once a year the gang at MacHeist puts together a killer bundle of Macintosh software that they offer to users for an insanely great price.

This is an opportunity for Mac users to be exposed to some great products that they may not otherwise consider. I purchased the MacHeist bundle and quickly learned how great this software really is.

From that moment I began monitoring MacHeist hoping to be notified when they created a new software bundle. This week that monitoring paid off as I received an email announcing the MacHeist nanoBundle.

This is a collection of six applications for the Macintosh. The bundle included utilities, applications, and games making the suite valuable to several types of Mac users.

Perhaps the best news was that MacHeist was offering this collection of software for free. Yes you heard right, it didn’t cost a penny.

I downloaded the software and began to use the applications which include ShoveBox, WriteRoom, Twitterrific, TinyGrab, Hordes of Orcs, and Mariner Write. With the exception of Twitterrific I had not heard of any of these applications but shortly after installing them I began to appreciate each one.

These are not free trials nor are they in anyway disabled. Instead licenses and serial numbers for each piece of software was sent to me allowing them to be completely unlocked and usable.

I suggest stopping by MacHeist and checking out what they are offering. If you happen to miss out on this bundle stay tuned as I am sure the MacHeist guys will be back again with another great deal for the Macintosh user community.

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