Just Plain Sick

As I came home from work last night I wasn’t feeling all that good. Despite a great day at the Diamondbacks Spring Training Ground Breaking Ceremony I just didn’t feel quite right. I skipped dinner and instead decided to lie down.

The next thing I remember was my alarm going off and the clock reading 6:30 AM. Normally I run on around three or four hours of sleep per night but last night I slept for nearly 11 hours. Something was definitely amiss.

When I got up I thought it was very warm in the house. A glance at the thermometer told me I was wrong; it was 68 degrees inside (I left the bedroom window open all night). Trina immediately shoved a thermometer in my mouth. At this point I was hoping it was the oral thermometer and not the other kind.

Within a few seconds it began beeping with a number that looked more like a summer temperature in Arizona than one you would expect to see from a human. Besides the fever, every joint in my body ached. It wasn’t just joints though, I could swear even the tips of my hair hurt.

People deal with being sick differently. When Trina is sick she usually takes a nap then attacks a room in the house. Her theory is that she cannot let the sickness get the best of her. I on the other hand take the exact opposite approach.

I want to crawl into the fetal position with a blanket and my Goofy slippers and moan until the sickness goes away. Trina of course loves this and spends the remainder of the day telling me to suck it up and quit whining.

She is not completely heartless though. She does pamper me just a bit. No matter what kind of sickness I am suffering from there is really only two things that make me feel better. The first is Trina’s homemade chicken noodle soup. The second is a large chocolate-covered cherry Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

I maybe have a Blizzard once a year but it is always when I am feeling ill. Trina must have decided I was not sick enough to warrant a trip to DQ but she did recognize that it would take chicken noodle soup to shut me up.

So while I lay there delirious staring blankly at Rachel Ray trying to cook a turkey breast in 60 minutes using EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and a brick; Trina was in the kitchen concocting her magical soup.

Right now I am still running a fever but the smell of the homemade noodles cooking in the broth I feel a whole lot better. Now if I can just get the images of Rachel Ray out of my head I might just live to see another day.

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  1. Abimbola Akanwo says:

    Here’s to living to see another day…:-)

    Get well soon…

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