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I began using Facebook as a way to stay connected to my kids. I know that sounds kind of funny but as the older girls graduated from high school and began their college careers, we turned to Facebook to try and stay connected. They could post pictures and update their status to let me know what was going on and I could do the same so that they felt like they were still a part of the family home life. Somehow though Facebook kind of blossomed and became a larger service.

Soon I had friend requests from current people in my life as well as classmates and friends who I had not seen in ages. My problem became how to keep my friends on Facebook informed of what was happening in my life. I had a personal blog and a baseball blog that had most of this information but I found myself repeating much of the same information to my Facebook friends.

Clearly what I needed was a way to have my WordPress blog feed into my Facebook profile stream so that both groups were made aware of when I added or changed information on my WordPress blog.

A quick search resulted in more choices than I cared to think about for integrating WordPress with Facebook. I think I must have tried about every integration point out there before finally settling on Wordbook a plug-in written by Robert Tsai.

What drew me to Wordbook was the simplicity of the interface and the flexibility it provided to allow me to choose what would be posted to Facebook. The plug-in is implemented like any standard extension through the Plug-in tab of the Administration Dashboard of WordPress.

Once Wordbook is implemented it will add a page to the Settings page of the WordPress Administration Dashboard. Clicking on the Wordbook settings page will allow you to connect WordPress to your Facebook profile. You will need to allow access through Facebook and once configured your Facebook feed will be updated with an excerpt from the blog entry along with a link allowing your Facebook readers to be redirected to your blog to continue reading the content.

The connection is fairly seamless and once initially set up works completely in the background. You should be aware that if a Facebook user comments on your blog entry through Facebook that comment does not appear in your blog. I didn’t expect it to but I wanted to make sure everyone is clear about the level of integration that Wordbook provides.

I’ve been very happy with the functionality of Wordbook and recommend it to anyone who is looking to integrate their blog stream into their Facebook profile.

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