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When I began writing my blog, I received some very valuable advice, always protect your content and its ownership. While much of my writing is available and free to the reader, I still would like to retain all of the rights to the content so that I am at least aware of how hit may be being used. Much of this can be accomplished simply using a Creative Commons License.

I won’t bore you with a lengthy discussion of the value of a Creative Commons License nor will I try to explain the various types of licenses you can obtain for your blog content. I will leave that up to the reader to determine whether they need a license and if so what type of license would best cover their particular content.

Once you have decided on a license type, it is important to tell your readers what type of license you are using so that they know what is expected if they may be interested in using your content for their own purposes.

With Movable Type, the software included configuration options that would place the appropriate license graphic and text on your blog. This was easy and quite valuable. When I migrated to WordPress I soon found that configuring a Creative Commons License was not part of the core software.

After a quick search of the plug-ins directory I found a Creative Commons License Widget that would allow you to choose the type of license you want your content covered by. The widget would then display the appropriate license text and graphic in your sidebar.

The plug-in is installed using the standard plug-in installation procedure within the WordPress Administration tool. Once installed, the Creative Commons License will be listed among the available widgets that you can install on your sidebar.

This plug-in does require that your WordPress theme be widget-aware which basically means that the theme creator included the code necessary to recognize the use of widgets and manage their location accordingly.

From the Widget menu item of the Dashboard, choose the Creative Commons License Widget. Clicking the down arrow will allow you to select the appropriate type of license for your content. Once that is finished it will display the correct license graphic and text on your blog.

This is a simple and straightforward widget that makes it easy to add a license to your blog letting everyone know how your content may be used.

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