WordPress Plugins – Change Admin Username

When you install a WordPress site, the system automatically creates an Administrator user account and assigns it a User ID. This is done to allow you to log into the Administration tool to manage your blog installation. Unfortunately you are not allowed to select the User ID that is created. Furthermore you are not allowed to change it once it is created. Normally that would not be a big deal but if you happen to be migrating from an existing blog, you end up with one of two scenarios.

First you may create new User IDs for the authors of entries being migrated at which point you end up having to manage multiple accounts if you are not careful. The other scenario is that you map your existing WordPress Admin user to the migrated posts, which too ended up being a little weird as the older posts had the previous user name but the WordPress site has the new User ID. Neither of these is optimal and so I went looking for an alternative.

What I found was a WordPress plug-in written by Janis Elsts appropriately named Change Admin Username. This simple plug-in allows you to change the User ID of the WordPress administrator without resorting to manipulating the database files directly.

The plug-in installs like any standard plug-in and adds a new entry to the Users section of the Administration Dashboard. This new entry is called Change Username. Selecting this item from the User menu will display the current Username of the administrator and gives you an input field where you can enter the new name you want to use for the User ID for the administrator account. Once you have entered the new User ID you simply click the Save Changes button and the database files are modified with the new ID.

For anyone who has migrated from another system or just does not like the User ID assigned by default by WordPress, this plug-in allows you to set it to something more meaningful to you. By changing the default User ID you also close one potential security hole by now requiring a would-be hacker to have to guess the User ID as well as the password. That in my mind is a very good thing.


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