WordPress Plugins – AJAX Calendar

When I first began blogging I was decidedly against having a calendar appear on the front page. I kept telling myself that I already knew what day it was and I didn’t need a continual reminder of how seldom I posted. It served as a constant feedback mechanism of how pathetic I was as a blogger. When I started this I thought I would write every day. Before long I was happy if I was posting once a week. Then it was maybe twice a month. Without a calendar there I lacked discipline of keeping track of my writing frequency. For the exact reason why I didn’t want a calendar on my blog I realized that was why I needed one.

Both Movable Type and WordPress come standard with a calendar system that will display the current month with the days becoming links when there is an entry on that day. I should have been content with this functionality but I was looking for something just a little bit more.

I began looking for a replacement for the calendar that was a little more efficient. John Godley authored a new calendar called AJAX Calendar. I selected this version of the calendar after looking over several. I liked the idea of using AJAX to navigate through the calendar without requiring a full-page refresh for each change of the month.

The AJAX Calendar was a simple installation using the built-in plug-in section of the WordPress Administration tool. The calendar has no unique configuration settings. It is complete right out the box.

Besides the AJAX navigation, this plug-in also displays a drop-down list of post titles for a specific month using the «-» link under the calendar. Overall I’ve been very happy with this plug-in and I have implemented it on each of my text-based blogs. If you’re looking for a calendar with just a little extra I suggest taking a look at this plug-in.

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