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After migrating nearly 2,000 posts from Movable Type to WordPress, I wanted to go through and check a sample of posts to verify that all of the data had transferred correctly. I thought this was going to be a relatively simple task. I went to the WordPress Administration tool and selected Edit under the Posts category. The result was a listing of 15 of the most current posts and a pagination system for the remainder of the posts.

I selected the first post on the list and the system took me to the editor. Within the editor I was able to make whatever changes I wanted to the blog entry and republish the post to update it on the site. I then began searching for a link that would take me to the next post. Oddly, I could not find one.

It seems rather odd that a system as comprehensive as WordPress would forget something as simple and mundane as a previous and next navigation link for moving between posts. At first I thought perhaps I had just neglected to set a configuration switch. I mean come on, who would build a system that didn’t have proper navigation. Surely the WordPress developers did not expect a blog entry to publish changes to an entry then click back to the edit screen to select the next or previous entry, would they? After a little research I can safely say, that is the exact user experience that they developed.

adminpostnavIt did not take too long for me to realize that this had to change. I had way too many blog entries to review to spend time navigating several screens in order to reach my destination. I immediately began looking for an alternative that would bring about a better user experience.

After a little research and a few Google and WordPress searches I found a plug-in that would do just what I needed. Scott Reilly authored a plug-in aptly named Admin Post Navigation. I downloaded this plug-in and installed it.

Installation was straightforward; from the WordPress Administration tool I clicked the Plug-In section and clicked the Add New link. From there I clicked Upload and Browse and added the file I had downloaded from Scott’s web site.

The plug-in has no special settings it just works. In the Edit Post screen two new links are added to the right of the heading; one to take you to the previous entry and one to take you to the next entry. If you happen to be on the first post the Previous link does not show up. Likewise if you are on the last entry the Next link is not visible.

This little plug-in has saved me keystrokes and restored a richer user experience for the administrator. It’s funny how a simple solution such as this can eliminate stress and frustration from the day-to-day administration of a blog.

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  1. Bebsie Jaranilla says:

    I was also searching for a plug-in where the previous and next link will be seen when you are viewing the blog entry. This one is helpful for blog owners, I want my blog readers to be able to navigate from the previous entry to the next without going back to homepage.

    Thanks by the way for the plug-in, I will take note of this.

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