Speedometer/Tachometer Upgrade

The speedometer and instrument panel for the Harley-Davidson Softail Night Train consists of a single gauge located on the top of the gas tank. It has an analog speedometer as well as an odometer. The odometer portion has not only the total bike mileage but also has a resettable trip odometer.

From a readability perspective the gauge is first rate but somewhat limited. I prefer having a gauge that shows not only the current speed but also has a tachometer for monitoring RPMs. For a Softail owner you basically have two choices.

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AutoTweet Joomla Plug-In

As I have mentioned previously on this blog, I am a big fan of the Joomla content management system. I love it’s open source coding and the active community that is developing for this system. It provides a powerful framework for creating a web presence.

I have also become a big fan of Twitter as a communication tool. Within its 140-character limit you are able to share all kinds of information and reach people you may not otherwise be in contact with.

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Harley-Davidson Hydration Jacket

Motorcycle riding in Arizona is an interesting proposition. During the winter months, temperatures can reach the teens in the remote desert. In the summer temperatures can get up to 120 degrees. Those kinds of differences make finding the right kind of riding jacket nearly impossible.

While there are several jackets made for riding in the cold, riding in this kind of heat is not something that many people have to endure so manufacturers have been somewhat reluctant to develop riding gear for severe heat.

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Bags of Fun

Shortly after I got my Harley-Davidson Night Train I realized that I was going to need a way to carry things while riding. Initially I just figured I would get a backpack and put what I needed in that but quickly decided that wearing a backpack was a pain, literally.

As a software developer I seem to have to carry things around a lot. Whether it is my laptop computer, or a series of documents that I have to review I seem to always have something in my briefcase.

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When I undertook an update to the look and feel of my Now Hitting web site that chronicles the history of the Arizona Diamondbacks I made a conscious decision to turn the home page into a revolving slide show of images I had collected over the first 12 years of the team’s existence.

I wanted this to give the visitor an idea of what they may have missed from the first dozen years of games played by the team. The issue I had was I needed a software application that would be graphics intensive yet allow for other content on subsequent pages.

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Learn C on the Mac: A Book Review

It seems that more and more often I am being asked if I can recommend a book or class that will help a user learn how to develop software on the Macintosh. This is a far different problem than I had just a few short years ago when I was asked why I continued to use a Macintosh when clearly Windows was superior. We won’t go there.

Suffice it to say there is no easy answer to what is the right book or training that will make you a Macintosh developer. The good news is there are many avenues you can take to learn programming on the Macintosh and many of them will be dependent upon what your level of knowledge is going into the development process.

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Omron HJ-720IT Pedometer

I’ll admit it, I am a complete geek when it comes to gadgets. I am constantly looking for new devices to automate every aspect of my life. I have no idea why I find this so fascinating but I do. So when my wife suggested that perhaps we should start walking to get a little exercise; the first thing I did was to begin looking at pedometers.

In its simplest form a pedometer is attached to your waistband and will measure the number of steps that you take in the course of a day. Obviously though I was not interested in the simplest form of a device. No, I had to find the most tricked out pedometer on the planet.

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Wireless Strobe Using Nikon SB-800 Flash

My daughter Tiffany is currently taking a photo journalism class at college. She is extremely talented, much more so than I am so it has been fascinating to watch her progress through this class. Each week they are given an assignment to complete using different techniques.

This week her assignment dealt with strobe lighting and flash photography. When these assignments come up it usually results in a sit down meeting between the two of us where I am responsible for figuring out the technical aspects of the shoot while she lays out the artistic side.

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Homework and Parents

When we began having children, I felt extremely confident in at least one aspect of child rearing. Both my wife Trina and I were educated and what I would consider intellectual. We had both gone to college and had some success. While I had no idea what I was doing when it came to raising children I was pretty sure that Trina and I were smart enough to figure things out.

When the kids began going to school they would come home and occasionally need help with their homework. I did not see this as anything that I needed to worry about or prepare myself for; after all I had already been through these grades and these subjects so how hard could it really be?

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