Harley-Davidson Alternator Leather Jacket

Ten days ago I was writing about riding in triple-digit temperatures and the need for a Hydration Jacket. Now less than two weeks removed I find myself waking up to temperatures in the low to mid-50’s and highs reaching the mid to upper-70’s. That in a nutshell is autumn riding in the southwest desert.

With temperatures now cooling off, I’ll be putting the hydration jacket in the closet and finding something that will keep me a little warmer. In times like this I turn to my Harley-Davidson Alternator jacket.

This leather jacket utilizes what Harley-Davidson Motorclothes refers to as “Switchback Technology”. This is more of a marketing term than anything else but in a nutshell it means that the jacket is capable of transforming from a full leather jacket into a textile mesh jacket.

harley_alternater_jacketThe front and rear panels of the jacket are zippered from the base of the sleeve across the chest and back. During the cooler morning rides the jacket can be a cool weather leather coat blocking the chilly wind from reaching your body.

As the daily temperatures heat up making a full leather jacket too much, the rider is able to unzip the front and back leather panels removing them for storage in your saddlebags. The jacket then becomes a mesh jacket allowing good airflow.

The top of the sleeves remains leather to offer protection in case of a fall. The jacket also includes pouches for flexible body armor protecting elbows, shoulders, and spine (with an optional spine pad) in case of fall. The sleeves include elastic and snaps to allow them to be more form fitting to your arms eliminating a lot of the flapping that comes with other jackets.

Removing and replacing the panels is a fairly straightforward exercise that doesn’t take much time or effort. If early morning temperatures are colder still, the jacket could be included with a sweatshirt or insulated garment making this jacket perfect year round for riders in the southwest.

The jacket is a standard black leather with orange embroidered Harley-Davidson across the front. With the panels zipped off the mesh jacket is also black with an orange Harley-Davidson logo on the right breast. The sleeve has a Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo embroidered on the black leather. The jacket contains two zipped pockets for warming your hands and includes an inside pocket for storage.

This is a very versatile jacket that will keep you warm in the cold air and cool in the warm air. It is the perfect jacket for fall and spring riding where temperature ranges are greater. It is comfortable and stylish. Removing the body armor makes this a casual jacket that can be worn around town off the bike as well.


  1. Trent Kuramoto says:

    My bike has been garaged for months, under repairs. I for one can’t wait for better weather so I can get out on my supercross bike. We have some of work to do on it, and its gonna take some time, but like we do each year, we upgrade several of the systems, and make our bike better than it was before. Thanks for the article.

  2. Ron Kisiel says:

    I like these Harley jackets, where do you buy them on-line.

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