Happy Windows 7 Release Day

For whatever reason I always seem intent on being on the bleeding edge of technology. Perhaps it is an inherent desire to be an adventurer, maybe it is curiosity but I always seem to be upgrading or updating to new stuff well before I probably should.

These upgrades never quite work out the way I envisioned them. Oh sure there are some like Windows 3.0 that were so astronomically superior to the previous version that I never looked back but for every one of those experiences I have ten like the day I upgraded to Microsoft Vista on release day.

Today marks another one of those milestone days in Microsoft history. Today they released Windows 7, their follow on product to the highly unsuccessful Microsoft Vista. I shouldn’t say Vista was highly unsuccessful, after several months of pain and suffering it did get better.

windows7Still there were more than a few annoyances that remained with the operating system and of course the gigantic black eye it received at launch that caused the product to never gain a strong foothold in the marketplace.

All of that is about to be forgotten as people begin to purchase and upgrade to this new version. Release day is almost anti-climatic since public beta versions of he software have been out for what seems like years.

Many of the problems users suffered through with Vista have been cleaned up and there are sufficient amounts of new features to make this a must have for many Microsoft Windows users. Considering most people are probably still using Windows XP, this is a necessary change to make the platform more reliable and safer.

Today was not just the release of Windows 7 though. It was also the grand opening for the new Microsoft store in Scottsdale Arizona. Yet again Microsoft is “borrowing” from Apple’s success to open their own branded store hoping to cash in at the retail channel.

The store has a grand opening at 10 AM but people have been lining up well before that. It is probably equal parts curiosity and free swag that is bringing the people out to this event. For the first 1,000 people in the store Microsoft is giving away free gifts. For the first 100 in the store they are giving away concert tickets.

As part of the grand opening, Microsoft has spared no expense and has brought in a recording artist to entertain the customers. In Scottsdale the entertainer is Ashley Tisdale from the Disney Channel. Ms. Tisdale has a couple of albums under her belt but she is best known for her work in Disney’s High School Musical trilogy.

What that means though is that the Microsoft Store will be inundated with a combination if geeky Microsoft fan boys and tween mall rats. That may not be the best demographic to target your new operating system and products to but that’s what they are going to get at least on the first day of business.

I think Microsoft needed to do something especially in Arizona where interest in the new Windows 7 platform does not seem to be gaining a lot of momentum in the market. There is some buzz as there always is just as a new product is released but not nearly as much as Apple seems to raise when they release a new product.

With an Apple introduction there seems to be lines everywhere as people wait for an opportunity to purchase one of the first ones. When Apple introduced the iPhone people camped out for days waiting in line for a chance to purchase. Stores even opened early to get through all the mobs of people lined up.

For the Microsoft Windows 7 release none of the local stores appear to be doing anything more than having a kiosk with the new operating system and someone who can answer questions. I have not found any stores in the immediate area who planned a midnight opening or any special coming out party.

This is in stark contrast to just this past Tuesday when several businesses had a midnight opening to allow people the opportunity to purchase the movie Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen. It makes you wonder what Microsoft is doing from a marketing perspective if a DVD sale for a Hollywood sequel garners more press and excitement than a new operating system.

I’m still undecided whether I will make a trip to Scottsdale to see the new Microsoft Store for myself. Although I plan on upgrading to Windows 7 before the week is over I find my excitement is waning a little. Instead maybe I’ll stay home and watch Transformers 2 on Blu-Ray. After all it is the hottest movie of the season according to the Geek Squad at Best Buy when I was there Tuesday night at midnight.

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