Halloween Memories

I have never been one who was overly excited about Halloween. Horror movies never were a big thing for me and I absolutely hate sitting at home waiting for the doorbell to ring so that I can hand out candy. Still, looking back over my life I have to admit I have a lot of memories surrounding Halloween.

As a child I lived in what I now think of as rural Idaho. At the time I thought I lived in the big city but your perspective changes as you get older and you realize that the town you grew up in could fit inside Chase Field in Phoenix and it would not even be a sell-out crowd.

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Trunk or Treat

When we moved to Arizona, one of the first years Halloween fell on a Sunday. When we were kids and this occurred it meant that we went Trick or Treating on Saturday night instead. In Arizona; that didn’t seem to be the case. We were not exactly sure how we were going to manage this. Did we let the kids go out on Saturday or Sunday?

Fortunately the church located behind our house helped a little with this dilemma. They had a tradition that they referred to as “Trunk or Treat”. This was something new for me, I had never heard of this before.

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Harley-Davidson Alternator Leather Jacket

Ten days ago I was writing about riding in triple-digit temperatures and the need for a Hydration Jacket. Now less than two weeks removed I find myself waking up to temperatures in the low to mid-50’s and highs reaching the mid to upper-70’s. That in a nutshell is autumn riding in the southwest desert.

With temperatures now cooling off, I’ll be putting the hydration jacket in the closet and finding something that will keep me a little warmer. In times like this I turn to my Harley-Davidson Alternator jacket.

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Seagate FreeAgent Desk Drive

When I bought my MacBook Pro, I knew I would need an external drive for storing photographs while working on a remote shoot. The good news is that there a multitude of choices for the consumer when it comes to external storage options.

Since the MacBook Pro has both a USB port as well as a FireWire 800 port I had the advantage of finding a storage solution that utilized either of these standard interfaces. After deliberating over several different choices I ultimately selected the Seagate FreeAgent Desk for Mac drive.

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Learn Objective-C on the Mac: A Book Review

Recently I wrote about making recommendations for Mac development books. In that post I gave a recommendation for Learn C on the Mac (Learn Series) by Dave Mark as a beginning book to build foundation for learning programming.

Once a framework has been established, the reader is now ready for a more Macintosh specific book to help them learn application development. A follow-up book to Learn C on the Mac is Learn Objective–C on the Mac (Learn Series) by Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster.

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I’m Exhausted

There is perhaps no subject that polarizes the motorcycle community quite like exhaust systems. It is not just the type of exhaust that is divisive, sound and noise are also factors when it comes to discussing exhaust systems.

Lately there has been a lot more negative press surrounding the use of after-market exhaust systems. Residents and other drivers are complaining of the noise pollution that accompanies many of the systems.

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My Social Media Hub

Social media has become the buzzword of the new millennium. As more and more people begin to cocoon within their own little environment social interaction within the real world begins to deteriorate.

As a child I remember the neighborhood was a community. Your family interacted with other families living around them. Yards rarely had fences and everyone congregated in front of their houses. When they saw neighbors out they went out of their way to greet them and engage in conversation.

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WordPress Plug-ins – Yet Another PhotoBlog

I seem to have a plethora of blogs now running. There is my personal blog which you are reading. I also have a baseball blog – Diary of a Diehard and a photo blog – 1 Photo 2 Share where I post a single picture per day. Until recently I was running all of these through Movable Type but as I’ve documented previously I’m moving all the blogs to WordPress.

The text-based blogs were relatively simple to move. There are migration scripts to manage the entries allowing you to export the data from the Movable Type databases and import the data into WordPress database formats. When it came time to migrate the photo blog, it was anything but trivial.

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Happy Windows 7 Release Day

For whatever reason I always seem intent on being on the bleeding edge of technology. Perhaps it is an inherent desire to be an adventurer, maybe it is curiosity but I always seem to be upgrading or updating to new stuff well before I probably should.

These upgrades never quite work out the way I envisioned them. Oh sure there are some like Windows 3.0 that were so astronomically superior to the previous version that I never looked back but for every one of those experiences I have ten like the day I upgraded to Microsoft Vista on release day.

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