They’re Alive!

When my wife left me… Ok I was just told I better clarify that statement if I know what’s good for me. When my wife left for her mini-vacation to visit family in Indiana, she had some concerns that I would not be able to take care of the kids during her absence.

Today marked the end of her vacation and I was to pick her up from the airport. The day started off with a phone call from Trina’s sister at 5:00 AM who called to let me know that she had dropped Trina off at the airport in Chicago. I have come to the conclusion that lack of time zone understanding is a hereditary thing since neither Trina nor her sister can comprehend there is actually a difference in time between east coast and west coast.

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I Love Stars

Previously I have mentioned my obsession with iTunes rating stars. I have some sort of personality defect that requires that all of the songs in my iTunes library have as much information as I can add. This information includes album art, lyrics, composer, and of course ratings.

When a new song is added to my library I will listen to it and make an initial rating of how I feel about the song when I first hear it. Subsequently, each time I listen to the song I may adjust the rating higher or lower depending on whether the song is growing on me or losing favor in my personal playlist.

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Feeling Peachy

Let me start out by saying that my wife is a complete peachaholic. For as long as we have been married she has made it well known that when peaches are in season, we’ll be buying them by the case.

In a very real sense she is the peach equivalent of Forrest Gump’s best friend Bubba. If you get her talking about peaches she will begin rattling off the million and one ways that she can prepare peaches. There’s fresh peaches, peach pie, peach cobbler, canned peaches, baked peaches, grilled peaches, peach jam, peach jelly (never mix up those to, trust me).

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Really Right Stuff BH-40

I’ll be the first to admit that when I began researching monopods and ballheads I had no idea what I was doing. Until now my photography was predominately handheld. On those occasions when I needed a tripod I relied upon an aluminum model that I purchased at K-Mart in the early 1980’s. This was definitely not what you would call state of the art.

I have to admit; when I bought the monopod I inaccurately assumed it came with some type of head to mount the camera to it. When the monopod arrived you can imagine my surprise when I found that all it had was a threaded bolt at the top.

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Gitzo GM3551 Series 3 Monopod

I’ve found that a lot of my photography now consists of taking pictures at sporting events. Whether it is along the side of a baseball field or positioned near a soccer field, the shooting is of sports.

Because I cannot always be as close to the action as I would like, it has become a necessity to use a long lens to properly capture the action. The problem with these longer lenses is that they can be quite heavy.

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Mr. Mom

Today I put Trina on an airplane to Chicago. Her nephew is getting married this weekend and I thought it was important that she be there. At first she found every excuse in the world as to why she could not go. I refused to listen and instead purchased the plane ticket and insisted that she make the trip.

It was not that I was trying to get rid of my wife. Ok maybe that was it but that was just a small part of it. I really felt like she should be there and besides, as hard as she has been working lately I thought she needed a short vacation.

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Album? What’s an Album?

I am beginning to gain a new appreciation for how the dinosaurs felt as they began their decline into extinction. For a period of time dinosaurs ruled the earth and were the dominant creature that dictated how things progressed.

Depending on what theory you adhere too, there were either outside forces at work that destroyed the environment of the dinosaur or the species simply did not react to changes going on around them and over time nature went a different direction leaving the dinosaur to die out.

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Motorola SB-6120 Cable Modem

For the past several years I have been utilizing Cox Communications High-Speed Internet meaning that I am using a cable modem to access the Internet from home. At the time we moved into our home the phone company was not yet offering DSL in adequate speeds due to the length our house was from the trunk it would be a long time before DSL would be an option.

Since we have Cox Communications engineers living in our neighborhood the lines running to the junction box were very clean and the speed was very good. The problem with cable modem service has always been that the more people that use the service in an area the slower it got. In our case, I have not noticed a significant slow down as new users have come on.

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Sony MDR-NC20 Headphones

One of the first iterations of noise cancelling headphones created by Sony, the MDR-NC20 were the cutting edge of technology. These over-the-ear headphones used an active noise cancelling system to cut down outside noise up to 70 percent (10 dB).

As soon as these were released I invested in a set for travelling. I used the term invest because these headphones had a suggested retail price of nearly $200. At the time I was a struggling software developer and these were definitely more than I really could afford if I was honest with myself.

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