It’s Father’s Day Already?

We had kind of a strange summer. According to the family, that may be the biggest understatement of the year. Normally our summer consists of me going to every baseball game ever played and my family left to decide who has to go with dad to keep him out of trouble.

This year we had a much different set of plans. Oh sure there was still countless baseball games but we intermixed other activities as well. Trina and Whitney had girls camp and Dakota is now old enough to go to Boy Scout camp. We also had the occasional soccer tournament that we had to attend.

Mallorie and Tiffany were both away at college and would not return home until nearly August 1. Just before Father’s Day I came home with a wild idea that we should go and visit Ashey and Eli and while we were in the neighborhood we should go see Mallorie and Tiffany. Oh and did I mention that we should do this in the next 48 hours?

This suggestion completely freaked everyone out and they scrambled to get everything ready to go on a trip. It just so happened that the day we left happened to fall on Father’s Day. Because of the mad dash to get packed; the traditional Father’s Day celebration fell by the wayside.

Trina and the kids had gotten gifts and wrapped them but in the rush out the door the gifts were left in the family room. The vacation although short was fun and we were able to accomplish nearly everything we had planned.

When we arrived home it was late and we rushed to unload the car and get some rest before heading back to work the next day. The Father’s Day gifts sat patiently on the table in the family room and somehow they were forgotten.

Today we happened to be cleaning the house trying to put away the summer things and get ready for fall to begin. As I went down to the family room I suddenly realized I still hadn’t gotten around to opening the Father’s Day gifts.

I called everyone downstairs and announced that it was Turn Back the Clock day. I was officially declaring that today was Father’s Day and it was time to open presents.

I have to admit, it was refreshing to have a Father’s Day where you could just relax and enjoy the day. As I picked up each gift and asked who it was from; Trina and the kids would look at each other with a confused expression and shrug.

I would open the present and show it to everyone. They were just as excited as I was since they had long forgotten what was in the present. I ended up with a couple of baseball Opening Day shirts and pins and a new alarm clock with an iPod docking station. I have wanted those for months and I would be able to wear the Diamondbacks shirts to the upcoming home stand which incidentally would be the final home stand of the season.

I guess I should just be glad that one of the kids didn’t decide to get me a new puppy for Father’s Day. This holiday might not have been as joyous.

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