I Love Stars

Previously I have mentioned my obsession with iTunes rating stars. I have some sort of personality defect that requires that all of the songs in my iTunes library have as much information as I can add. This information includes album art, lyrics, composer, and of course ratings.

When a new song is added to my library I will listen to it and make an initial rating of how I feel about the song when I first hear it. Subsequently, each time I listen to the song I may adjust the rating higher or lower depending on whether the song is growing on me or losing favor in my personal playlist.

With iTunes the constant changing of star ratings can be kind of cumbersome. I’ve added the rating field to the display to allow me to click on the star ratings from the playing window but if I happen to be on my laptop or if the iTunes window has been minimized it requires a few mouse motions and clicks in order to update this data.

I recently came across a small utility from Potion Factory that has helped with my rating dilemma. They have a product called I Love Stars that will place the star rating of the currently playing song in the menu bar of a Macintosh computer.

I Love Stars will not only display the current rating of the song playing but it will also allow you to change the rating without having to switch to iTunes. Not only can you rate songs by whole star but I Love Stars also recognizes the half-star rating hidden preference in iTunes and allows you to select half stars. Assigning a half star rating is simply a matter of clicking on the next star then clicking again and half a star will appear.

The utility will automatically hide when iTunes is not running to preserve precious menu bar real estate, a valuable feature if you find yourself with too many things cluttering up the right side of your menu bar.

I Love Stars is relatively small and does not appear to take too much memory when it is running. It is one of those utilities that make you stop and wonder why it was not included as part of iTunes to begin with.

Potion Factory is offering I Love Stars for free making the utility one of the best values available for the Mac. I recommend picking up a copy and looking over the other product offerings that Potion Factory has available.

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