I’m Being Stalked By the Number 9

Today is a day I have both anticipated and dreaded my entire life, 09/09/09. I am a self-proclaimed patterns guy and I am always looking at number patterns and trying to understand them as something more than just coincidental. Whether it be when a clock turns 12:34 or if a date comes up with some pattern I seem to try to place some sort of value on it.

The repeating nine pattern though has me just a little bit uneasy. I would normally be excited about a date such as triple nine but my excitement is tempered by the fact that the number nine has been stalking me my whole life and as a result I am scared to death of what today will bring.

It started the day I was born which just happened to be the ninth day of March. At first I thought that would mean that nine would be my lucky number. After all, the day you came into this world was pretty lucky wasn’t it?

Soon I noticed that nine began creeping into my life unexpectedly. When I reached the age when I could begin playing sports I gravitated to baseball. I loved that game and it became a passion (my wife Trina would say it became an obsession but that’s another story).

I played baseball every chance I could get. Whether it was a pick-up game or an organized game I was always on the field. When it came time to receive our first uniform we were assigned numbers. The number I was given? Nine.

That was an odd coincidence but one that I didn’t think much about. The first position I played was first base which was exactly 90 feet from home plate, yet another nine (9 + 0 = 9). Each team in baseball is made up of nine positions. A baseball has 108 red stitches (1 + 0 + 8 = 9). As I got older I developed a lot of speed and a strong arm and I was moved from the infield to the outfield. I played right field which coincidently is position nine in a baseball scorebook.

It is not just baseball where nine began following me around. I also ran track where I ran the 100 yard dash. My fastest time that put me in the state track meet was 9.9 seconds. The track uniform I was assigned was number 27 (2 + 7 = 9).

When I met Trina I was running track and playing baseball. By this time I could choose my own number and I wanted to put some distance between me and nine. I chose 32 as my number. Trina who was also an athlete wore number 22. We dated all through high school and it took quite a while before I realized that nine had got me again (2 + 2 + 3 + 2 = 9).

When we decided to get married we chose June 18. It was the day my grandparents had gotten married and we felt it would be a wonderful tribute to them to be married on the same day. Of course nine had to be there (1 + 8 = 9).

After graduating from college I went to work for the Department of Energy where I was given a security clearance. My clearance number when the digits were added together equal nine. When we moved to Arizona and I went to work for Motorola my employee ID was issued and it too was a nine.

As we started looking for a plot of land to build our house in Arizona, I came across a place that looked perfect. We went in to purchase the land and found out that it was lot 9. The streets had not been put in yet and the houses did not yet have house numbers. As the house was finished so were the streets and we were given our address which coincidently is a nine.

When we found out we were going to have our son Dakota it came as no surprise that he would be a boy after having five girls. After all I was 36 when he was born and Trina’s due date was also a nine. Once again, nine finds a way to invade our lives.

For the longest time I wanted to believe that it was merely a coincidence that nine seemed to continually pop up in my life. There comes a time though that you finally realize that it’s not a coincidence. I am being stalked by a number.

I’ve contacted the authorities to see what my options are for putting some distance between me and nine. Strangely enough, it does not seem possible to have a restraining order placed on a number. All of the legal professionals I have spoken to just stare at me when I ask that question. You would think the founding fathers would have thought of something like this. I will continue to work with my legislature representatives to pass a law that will protect you from being stalked by numbers.

In the mean time I plan on being very careful today. There is just no telling what is going to happen. Tonight I’ll be at Chase Field watching a baseball game wearing my Diamondbacks jersey. What number you ask? Nine.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I also constantly am seeing the number 9…please relax and just look into numerology and angel numbers…9 is not a bad number for me, so I urge you to open your mind and perhaps it’s a message….
    ONce you realise the message, it will all come clear to you….chill mate….its all good.


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