I Am a Problem Solver

I always thought of myself as being relatively smart. I mean I had been assessed to be at a genius level through IQ tests, I had been invited to join Menza (which I declined opting instead to wait for my invitation to join Womenza since I figured I stood a better chance of meeting girls in that club), I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in two years, and I even figured out Rubik’s cube without resorting to peeling off the stickers on the cube like my brother did. Why is it then that I am constantly being outsmarted by my wife?

I am not implying that Trina is not smart. Quite the contrary, she graduated from school with honors and her grades were exemplary. I’ve concluded that Trina is “tricky smart” meaning that she somehow makes me believe I am getting the upper hand in things and then she suddenly pulls the rug out from underneath me and I am left scratching my head wondering what just happened.

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