Taking Care of Email

It is an inevitable fact that if you have an email account you are going to have SPAM. I have used the same email address for over a decade and as you might can imagine, I am now being inundated with unwanted email messages. I have tried nearly every tool imaginable to try and minimize the number of SPAM messages I have to deal with. This has included white lists, black lists, and several tools and appliances that will stop these messages from being delivered. The problem has been that while some of these solutions have eliminated the SPAM messages they have also deleted some of my messages that weren’t SPAM. Even worse some of these have begun to filter out specific users and domains no longer delivering mail from some domains. These domains are not some small or questionable domains but rather some of the bigger and more respected companies on the Internet such as apple.com, mattel.com, or dbacks.com. Obviously this was unacceptable and I needed to make some changes so that I could continue to rely on email as a communications method.

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