What Day Is It Again?

Recently I wrote about the InvisibleSHIELD over for the iPhone 3G. I spoke at length about how cool I thought it was and how well it would protect my iPhone. I bought on-line because I could not find one of the covers locally. After reviewing the web site and watching the installation videos I figured that I could handle the installation myself. I’m a college graduate; I mean how hard could it be? I looked at the package and reviewed the graphics and the instructions. By about the second paragraph I figured there was no way I was ever going to be able to do this. Not because it was hard but because I have absolutely no patience for stuff like this. So I did what I always do in times like this, I asked Trina for help. She told me she had time. That was Thursday.

Thursday came and went and Trina got busy. I completely understood but still thought I would maybe give her a little grief because that’s what husbands do. When Friday came I subtly asked her what day it was. Without even thinking she said “Friday”. Well that didn’t really work like I thought it would. Still, I was kind of at her mercy so I let it go.
On Saturday I decided I would take a little more direct approach. I asked her if it was Thursday yet. Trina looked very confused as did the kids. I went on to say I was just asking because she said she would have some time to do something for me on Thursday. She had obviously completely forgotten and it just so happened that I picked a time when she was at her busiest on Saturday. It’s ok, I understand how things go.
Today is Sunday and after church we were sitting around the house. I was working on the computer and Trina was checking email. Without looking up and without saying a word I reached over and slid the InvisibleSHIED box towards her slowly. I could tell she was just a little frustrated but she was holding it together pretty well. I just kept sliding the box closer and closer ever so slowly. The kids of course were getting quite a kick out of this and were quietly giggling so that Trina would not notice.
Finally she got the hint and took the box and began reading through the instructions. Before long she was beginning the installation process. As I expected, it was a little more painstaking than what the videos showed. She installed the shield and re-installed it getting slightly frustrated that it was not going on straight. While she was in the midst of this Dakota wandered into the living room. He had been downstairs watching television through this whole thing and had no idea what was going on. As he came around the corner and saw Trina working on the installation he nonchalantly stated, “oh, is today Thursday?” Everyone immediately burst out laughing. Everyone that is except Trina; she just reached over and threw a box at me. How exactly was this my fault? Things are definitely messed up in this house.

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