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Today is the first official full day of vacation. I know I should really count yesterday since that is when we left Arizona but since that did not occur until after the baseball game and technically I am classifying going to the Diamondbacks as work (I love my job if that’s the case), then today would truly be the first full day of vacation.

And since this is my blog and my life I feel like I am empowered to define things however I want to. Wow, that sounded kind of like the time I got a new ball and decided I got to make the rules to the game or else I would take my ball and go home. That didn’t work out too well as the ball went flat and we all had to go anyways so hopefully this time that attitude will work better.

We arrived in Provo Utah last night and plan on spending a couple of days with our oldest daughter Ashley and her husband Eli. I have to be honest, when I thought about summer vacation when the year first started; Provo Utah was not even on the list of potential destinations let alone at the top.

But hey, what are you going to do? When family time calls it rarely comes with a cool location. Rarely do you hear someone saying they are going back to their home town in paradise. Usually it is some place that you spent 18 years of your life hoping to get away from. Now I didn’t actually grow up in Provo Utah (if you ask Trina I haven’t actually grown up anywhere just yet). I did spend a year in Provo going to school, that was enough time to know I never wanted to live there in my life and that I would come back and haunt anyone who buried me there after I died.

I could not thing of even one thing that I cared to see (other than Ashley and Eli) or do. I would have worked on my web sites but IX Web Hosting still has not fixed my servers meaning that they are still down and unavailable (don’t even get me started on that subject).

I was planning on a couple of really boring days to start this vacation. Ashley though had just the right thing to help relieve the boredom.Timp_Goat_logo.jpgThere is a local Harley-Davidson dealership in Orem Utah which just recently built a new store just down the road in Lindon Utah.

Well that was definitely something that piqued my interest. I quickly got ready for the day and decided to go and check out the dealership. It is located very near Interstate 15 going through Provo. In fact it is located adjacent to the freeway just off the off-ramp. The dealership is being advertised as the largest Harley dealership in the western United States from a square footage perspective.

The architecture of the building looks like something from the old west. It was made from old timbers and re-salvaged steel from Geneva Steel Works that was once located just down the road from the dealership.

Pulling into the parking lot it was obvious that this dealer had barely opened; not for the day but for business in this location. There were still several trucks and crews working on the outside of the building and the landscaping. It was barely nine o’clock when we arrived and already the parking lot was mostly full.

It seemed to be a combination of customers and workers. Trina and I made out way into the building. From the moment that we set foot inside our mouths dropped open. This place was indeed huge and made the dealership in Chandler look downright tiny. The interior mimicked the exterior done in an old-western motif.

We were immediately greeted by several people offering to help. While I immediately went to the large displays of parts and accessories, Trina made her way to the motor clothes section. The stock was relatively sparse.

I asked one of the sales people why and they stated that the dealership was not yet open. This was a soft opening with the Grand Opening planned for July 24. They have plans on stocking many items but most of them have just not yet arrived.

I went to find Trina who was looking for a T-shirt for me to commemorate being at this dealership. The shirts were in short supply so I was not able to get the one I really wanted but I did find one that was pretty cool so I added that to my basket. I also picked up the dealer pin to add that to my collection.

The logo for the Timpanogos Harley shop features a mountain goat riding a Harley. It is one of the better dealer logos I have seen. The main showroom is huge but unfortunately the number of bikes was very small again due to the dealership not being open yet.

One of the cooler aspects of the dealership was the wall of windows that went between the showroom and the service department. You can actually stand and watch your bike being repaired. That is pretty cool especially if your bike is in to have accessories installed. I wish the dealership in Chandler had that. Also on the premises is a small cafe for riders who get hungry after a ride or while waiting for service. I didn’t eat there but the menu looked good.

Overall the experience was awesome and it was a fun way to spend a morning. I would highly recommend stopping by the Timpanogos Harley-Davidson shop. They are some of the friendliest people you can meet and the store is something to behold. This may be a standard stop on any future vacations we take to this area of the country.

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