Things We Make Our Kids Do

When we left Idaho last week I had hoped to stop by the Harley-Davidson dealership in Salt Lake City Utah and also the dealership in Sandy Utah. My goal was two-fold. First I love to see the various dealerships and how they are displaying their bikes and accessories. Second, and more importantly, I was hoping to pick up a dealer pin from each of these dealerships. I am going to attempt to collect the various dealer pins from around the country. When we got to Utah I realized that I didn’t have a chance to look up the addresses or get directions to either of these dealerships before leaving Idaho. I attempted to get the information via my iPhone while on the road but driving while surfing seemed like a really bad idea especially during Salt Lake City rush hour traffic. For a second I thought about asking Trina to surf for me while I drove but knowing her technology limitations I figured that was probably well beyond her expertise. I therefore skipped the two Harley dealerships instead making a note to stop there during the next trip I might make.

Today my daughters Mallorie and Tiffany were scheduled to leave Idaho to return home to Arizona. Mallorie has been going to college in Rexburg Idaho at Brigham Young University – Idaho. She finished her finals and checked out of her apartment. Mallorie is on the Winter/Summer track meaning that she goes to school from January through mid-July with her “summer break” going from the end of July through December. It is both good and bad. On the one hand she has an easy time finding a job at home since she is returning about the time that other college students are returning to school. On the other hand she has to brave the Idaho winter and return home during the Arizona summer not the most optimum arrangement. Tiffany begins school this coming year and she too will be on the Winter/Summer track meaning that the girls can travel together and share expenses.
They called to let me know that they would indeed be driving home starting today. The plan was to go from Idaho to Provo where they would stay with their older sister Ashley tonight then finally get home tomorrow. Since they had a short travel day today I figured they wouldn’t mind doing a favor for their dear old dad. I asked if they would be willing to stop by and get me a couple of pins. That sounds so innocent doesn’t it? They gladly agreed. I told them I would send instructions and directions to Mallorie’s Blackberry. I went to the Internet and pulled up the Harley-Davidson web site and did a dealer look-up. I wrote down the addresses for each dealership then went to and entered them to find driving instructions. I downloaded the instructions and put everything together in a neat little email that I sent off. Now all I had to do was sit and wait for the girls to get home tomorrow and I would have my dealer pins. It all seemed so simple.
Late this afternoon I received an urgent text message asking to call Mallorie. I picked up the phone and dialed her number. On the other end of the call were a couple of frantic girls. It seems that the directions that were provided from Expedia were in error and the girls were lost somewhere in Utah supposedly still in the Salt Lake County area but nowhere near the city. After getting their exact location I went through several web sites before coming up with a plan and new directions. I got them back on track and oh by the way right to the Harley dealers. They were able to get to both Harley stores before they closed so all is right in the world. I have a feeling that I will owe them both big time when they get home tomorrow.

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