The Last Day of Summer

It seems like every year the summer gets shorter and shorter at least as far as the kids are concerned. I seem to remember back in the dark ages when I was a kid that we didn’t actually go to school until after Labor Day. We always got out the week before Memorial Day. So I have no idea what happened. Now the school year starts for our kids on August 4. They still get out of school the later part of May but somehow we just moved the calendar up a whole month. You would think that with an entire extra month of school that we would be churning out some kind of kid super geniuses. I have been around my kids and their friends enough that I can assure you that is not the case. If anything we are raising an entire generation of idiots. Ok, that’s not exactly right, some of these kids are pretty smart. They have to be, they are dealing with parents like us.

Around our house we have an interesting series of events that occur around this time of year. We have kids spread through several levels of the education system. We now have two daughters and our life savings that is attending college majoring in boys and “finding ourselves”. We have one child starting high school this year meaning the drama in her life is just about to begin. Our son will start middle school this year meaning he will be terrorizing not just a single teacher but an entire pack of teachers which means I have 6 times the number of flowers and apology phone calls to make than I did last school year. And finally there is Trina. She is not a student but rather is on the other end of the spectrum and works in the school system as a tutor at an elementary school. While the kids start school a week from today, Trina actually goes back to work tomorrow. For the next four days she will be preparing her room and getting ready for the students to arrive. There is training to do and lesson plans to create. It will be a hectic week for her. That means that effective tonight summer vacation has officially ended and it is time to reload for the fall schedule and school. As I left for work today Trina and the kids were already up and moving. It’s the last day of summer and they want to make the best of each and every moment. It’s funny, when school starts you can barely drag them out of bed and out the door but the day when they could sleep in they are all up and busy. It will be interesting to get a report of how they spent their final day of summer vacation. Maybe I should make them give me a 500 word report on it just so they get in the practice. Nah, they would make me grade it.

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