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It is as though the Shuttle saga is taking on a life of its own. It was bad enough that I had somehow snuck in a brand new computer but this hole I am digging just seems to be getting deeper and deeper. I keep thinking that if I can shovel dirt from one side of the hole to the other than I can get closer to the top and finally get out of this mess but that doesn’t seem to be working. It started when I decided to bring it on vacation. I probably could have gotten away with that but I forgot the monitor and had to buy a new one. Trying to explain why I needed a new 22″ LCD monitor while we were on vacation took a serious amount of creative thinking and tap dancing. Unfortunately, that was not quite the end to my needs.

I purposely did not bring speakers with me on vacation. My theory was that I didn’t really need external speakers. After all the purpose for this computer was to become a server and no one is around to hear a server anyway so what is the point? Yeah, I wasn’t quite thinking clearly here. bosecomp2.png True a server doesn’t need speakers but I forgot that my plan was to use this small form factor computer as a workstation while I was actually on vacation. Still I could get by without sound. At least I thought I could until Trina’s sister asked me to review a video clip they had captured and have me tell them what could be done to reduce the background sound to make the audio usable. Ouch, that could be kind of tough since I don’t have any speakers connected to the computer that has my audio editing software loaded. Well I really didn’t have any choice did I? I had to get some speakers so I could take care of this request. Trina would have to understand. Besides, it was her family that was asking so in a sense it was her fault that I needed to buy them. Yeah that would work, it had to work. Now, what speakers should I get?
A quick trip to the local shopping district left me very frustrated. I swear, do people in small towns not appreciate good sound? Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by really bad speakers with under-powered drivers or lack of audio clarity. Not to mention they were just plain cheap and ugly. A computer as elegant as the Shuttle I had built needed something cool. I therefore skipped over the cheap brands and went to the best thing I could find, the Bose Companion 2. I’ve come to appreciate the quality of Bose. I am still a little frustrated with their lack of solid bass but overall the clarity and sound reproduction are very good especially in the mid-range. Initially I was going to get the Computer MusicMonitor speaker system but I chickened out when I found out the price tag on that pair was $399. I was already in a pretty deep mess with the monitor purchase. If I added another $400 for two small speakers Trina would definitely kill me. So instead I opted for the best compromise I could make between cost and size while still maintaining quality. I discounted the Companion 3 and Companion 5 as being too large and cumbersome for a small form factor. Granted they would provide a little better bass support but I would be dealing with a Subwoofer along with the satellite speakers. For a desktop that might make sense but for what I had it just was not going to work. The Companion 2 Series II are lightweight and self contained. The sound quality is great for their size and the craftsmanship is up there with other Bose products. Add to that the fact that I can use the speakers not just for the computer but also for my iPod and they made the most sense. So while Trina was out with her family I bought a set of speakers and brought them home and set them up. She is definitely going to be surprised. I just hope she doesn’t kill me.

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  1. Jeff Blogs says:

    Homeward Bound

    It seems like only yesterday that we had arrived to begin our vacation and yet today marks the beginning of the end. We are to leave Idaho today to begin our trip back to Arizona. It is with mixed feelings…

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