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For the last eight days I have been fighting with my web hosting company trying to get them to restore my site connectivity after they had a hardware failure. For the first few days I had absolutely no connectivity whatsoever and was completely dead in the water. I spent nearly every waking hour working with them to try and get someone to take ownership of this problem and resolve it. Finally after several days of being down I requested that they move me to a new server so I could begin restoring things myself. They relented and moved my. Unfortunately they did not properly install the software nor load the PERL modules necessary for me to be up. It has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life and I had come to the conclusion that I needed to find a new hosting provider.

Timing of course could not have been worse. All of this occurred just before I left for vacation making it impossible for me to deal with things while I was gone. I have continued to check the status of the problem tickets I have open and of course they remain open without any updates. My frustration levels reached new heights and I shot off an email to the president of the company. Someone on his staff was assigned to the problem but even then it took over 4 days for the problem to finally be escalated to resolution. This morning as we got ready to leave Utah for Idaho for the next leg of our vacation my sites were finally properly restored and the appropriate modules loaded.
I will be spending the next several days attempting to get things back up to date but this process may take upwards of 2 weeks since I have been down for over a week and I have 10-12 sites that will need to be upgraded. You can expect to see updates first appear on Now Hitting followed by Arizona Lanyards. I will next focus on Diary of a Diehard then move on to Jeff D Summers and 1 Photo 2 Share then this blog. I ask for your patience and suggest checking back often as content will be updated as time permits. This is not exactly what I had planned to do on my vacation but I guess that is the price I pay for going with a company like IX Web Hosting. If anyone has a recommendation for a new hosting provider that is relatively cost effective I am willing to listen to any and all suggestions.

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  1. Jeff Blogs says:

    A New Hosting Beginning

    I truly thought that after I posted that my hosting services had finally been restored that this would be an end to this never ending saga. I expected that the servers had to be bullet proof and I would not…

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