In Search of the Wii Cable

We completed our packing and we were finally ready for our vacation. On Diary of a Diehard I discussed a little of what goes into summer vacation at our house. The planning is more representative of a large scale battle plan for a world war than it is for a family to go on vacation. I think a lot of that is as a result of having a house full of women. With just Dakota and me to represent the male population we are quickly outnumbered by the estrogen gang. Discounting the computer equipment for a moment, there is a substantial difference between how women pack for a vacation and how men pack for the same amount of time and same location. Take for example my son Dakota versus my daughter Whitney.

We are planning on being gone for approximately 10 days. Dakota has in his suitcase 2 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, and his swimming suit. Whitney on the other hand has what looks like 14 shirts, 12 pair of pants/shorts, multiple changes of underclothes, 2 pair of pajamas, every shoe that she owns, a make-up bag, curling iron, hair dryer, hair straightened, body wash, face wash, perfume, and who knows what else. Trina stepped in and required that Dakota pack a second pair of underwear and socks otherwise the boy would have just worn what he had for 10 days. She also made him pack his toothbrush which had not even dawned on him to pack. On the other hand Dakota had packed approximately 42 DVD movies to make sure he had something to watch on the way up and the way back. He also was all over my case to be sure that the Nintendo Wii was packed into the car. So even at an early age he has his priorities set correctly. He has his Diamondbacks hat on, his Diamondbacks sweatshirt (even though it is 112 degrees at the time we were ready to leave), a small bag of clothes, and a large amount of electronics.
We got into the car and began our journey to Utah and Idaho. The plan was that we would go as far as Provo UT where we would spend a couple of days with our oldest daughter Ashley before going on to Idaho Falls ID to visit parents and grandparents. It is a 10 hour drive to Provo from Chandler so everyone was beginning to settle in for a long car ride. We had barely made it out of the Chandler city limits when I was already starting to be asked if we were there yet. Ah, the joys of car travel with children. I suggested that perhaps they should watch a movie to pass the time. Dakota informed me that they didn’t have anything to watch. I asked what happened to the 40 movies that he had picked out. He explained that they had already seen those movies. This is the kind of thing that just drives parents crazy. Rather than listen to this banter for the next 9 hours and 45 minutes I decided that perhaps I should just set up the Wii in the car and let him veg out on video games.
We pulled the car over and Trina took over driving while I moved to the back seat to get the Wii set up. I had cables and remotes and consoles strung out everywhere. I have gotten good at setting these things up and looked at this as kind of like my own personal pit row where I could connect electronics in less than 30 seconds flat. Everything was going like clockwork until I got to the Sensor Bar. I reached into the bag to retrieve it and found there was nothing there. I know I packed it; didn’t I? I tore through the bag and every other bag within arm’s length. That Sensor Bar was nowhere to be found. After a several frantic moments I came to the conclusion that I just flat out missed packing it. Now I had an unusable game console and restless kids. It was paramount that I needed to find a Sensor Bar and quickly. For the next 9 hours we must have stopped at every store between Chandler Arizona and Provo Utah looking for a Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar. It became almost a quest. Each store we went to we were met with confused looks and shrugs of shoulders. I began to think that it would be easier if I were looking for the Ark of the Covenant than for a Wii Sensor Bar. Finally in Springville Utah we came across one which I immediately purchased. Of course we were now within 15 minutes of our destination meaning we really didn’t even need the cable anymore at least not until we started for Idaho in a couple of days. Remind me again, why do we go on vacation?

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    Timpanogos Harley-Davidson

    Today is the first official full day of vacation. I know I should really count yesterday since that is when we left Arizona but since that did not occur until after the baseball game and technically I am classifying going…

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