Homeward Bound

It seems like only yesterday that we had arrived to begin our vacation and yet today marks the beginning of the end. We are to leave Idaho today to begin our trip back to Arizona. It is with mixed feelings that I am leaving. On the one hand it is always difficult to say good-bye to those that you love. My parents and grandmother are not getting any younger (they love when I say that) and I always regret having to leave them not knowing exactly when I may be seeing them again. Likewise Mallorie will be remaining up here for a little while longer as she is not quite done with school. We are leaving our daughter Tiffany as well. She will be staying with Mallorie until school is out then the two of them will be travelling back to Arizona together. Trina’s mother and sister also live here and we’ll be saying good-by to them as well. The hardest part though is that this is also the final resting place for our daughter Lindsay. She would have been 23 this year but she will always be my baby. I’ve never quite gotten over losing her even though it happened so long ago. Trina and I don’t talk much about it but it is always on my mind. The emotional baggage I bring with me on this trip at times seems larger than the luggage we have with us.

On the other hand I can hardly wait to get out of Idaho. I miss the comforts of home. I miss the Arizona Diamondbacks who start the second half of their season tomorrow night. I miss air conditioning. Although the night air is cool in Idaho it can get quite warm during the day and few people have A/C (a concept that seems so strange to my kids). Mostly I miss my connectivity and technology. It’s funny how attached you get to fast always-on Internet access and quality service and outlets where you can get parts or software at a moment’s notice. Given my personality and my vocation these are important things that I would not want to live without.
So with all of these thoughts fresh on my mind I loaded up the car to begin our trip home. It’s weird, we are leaving with one less child yet the car is fuller than when we came. Trina of course blames me for this. I guess I have to agree to a certain extent since we are going home with a new monitor, a new set of speakers, a large assortment of ornaments, and of course an iPhone. That’s not even counting the craft projects Trina has bought along the way or the things that Dakota and Whitney had gotten while we have been gone.
The plan was that we would go as far as Page Arizona where we would spend the night before going home tomorrow. Page is approximately 10 hours away so it will be a full day in the car. I was going to add to the time by stopping off at a couple more Harley-Davidson dealerships. I wanted to go to the dealership in Salt Lake City and one in Sandy. I was hoping to get a dealer pin from each to add to my collection. The problem was that I forgot to get directions before we left and we ended up driving around for a while in Utah before finally giving up due to time constraints. Well there is always next time I guess. The trip to Page was relatively uneventful. I was again utilizing the micro-blogging services to provide family and friends with an updated status of our trip.
We arrived in Page Arizona around 8:30 PM. We needed to make a quick stop at the Wal-Mart to get replacement batteries for some device or another before going to our hotel. When we got to the store there were an extremely large number of cars in the parking lot, more than we usually encounter. I then noticed that the parking lot was partially closed. We got out of the car to see what was causing the crowd of people to be gathered by the closed parking. What we found was that there was a Monster Truck on display. Not only on display but available for rides. Dakota and Whitney immediately began asking if they could ride in the Monster school bus. I eagerly agreed. What a cool experience and great end to a vacation. Trina and I stood on the sidelines cheering and taking pictures as the kids rode in the back of the bus taking turns screaming and laughing. It was perfect.

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