Grand Teton Harley-Davidson

On our trip up to Idaho we spent a couple of days in Utah with our daughter Ashley and her husband. While there Ashley sent me over to see the new Timpanogos Harley Davidson dealership. Before that time Harley-Davidson dealers and motorcycles were not even at the forefront of my mind. Since then though all I can think about is my Softail Night Train. Well that and how to stay out of trouble with the Shuttle small form factor computer I just built. While visiting my parents we happened to drive past Grand Teton Harley-Davidson in Idaho Falls. On the way back to Trina’s mother’s house I decided to stop.

I’m afraid after seeing Timpanogos Harley-Davidson that all other dealerships are going to pale. Grand Teton Harley-Davidson is quite a bit smaller in size than its Lindon Utah counterpart. As you walk into the dealership you are immediately placed at a reception desk outside the service department. Beyond the receptionist are stairs that lead up to where the accessories and motor clothes are. The architecture of the building is rather plain compared to what you would see at Timpanogos. The top floor has an old wooden floor that gives the dealership a rather rustic look. The dealership was fairly busy considering it was mid-afternoon on a Tuesday. Even so Trina and I had two young ladies offer to help us almost immediately. They started with the offer but soon the conversation turned to bikes and where we were from. The one girl was well aware of Chandler Arizona and even told us what the weather was at home. I was surprised by that until she confessed that she had just been on the phone with someone at the Chandler dealership. Still it was pretty impressive. They had a very good selection of motor clothes including some very cool shirts. I picked up a dealer T-shirt as well as a dealer pin which featured an outline of the Teton mountain range. Trina was going to get a pair of Harley-Davidson jeans but unfortunately they did not have her size. They did offer to help finding a pair and located some in Mesa Arizona for us when we got home. They were also helpful in sizing Trina for a leather jacket. They gave us a sneak preview of the upcoming fall clothing which has the jacket that Trina likes. Looks like I’ll have to wait a little while before I get her coat. So while the building was not as large or as impressive as what we had seen, the people working there were extremely friendly and helpful. If you have an opportunity to stop there I would recommend it. Just don’t plan on being in a hurry as you’ll find yourself talking to the residents and getting a lot more than you bargained for.

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