Fifty Years of Magic

My parents have always been an extremely important part of my life. They have been role models that I have looked up to and tried to emulate. They have successfully raised three children and considering our personalities that in itself was a herculean feat. And while they have been devoted to their children and subsequent grand children, they have been even more devoted to each other. Throughout my life I have had people talk to me about my parents and it is always a consistent theme. They obviously love each other deeply and no one has ever seen two people more devoted to each other than they are.

Growing up all three of us boys knew that while both of our parents loved us; it was their relationship that was most important. I don’t ever remember my parents fighting. /wp-content/uploads/2009/08/IMG_0194.JPGSure there were a few disagreements or there were times when one of them was struggling and slightly moody but by the end of the day everything was right. Mom and dad had so much in common that at times you could not tell whether a particular hobby or activity was mom’s idea or dad’s.

When we were younger my parents were big into square dancing. They would go dancing every week and sometimes multiple times. Some of these dances were local in town and other times they would be far away. We would tag along with them when it was somewhere cool or if it looked like a lame location with little for kids to do we would be left at home while they were together. My parents were very good dancers and it was interesting to watch them. The problem was that square dancing usually was accompanied by a lot of country music and square dance callers.

I am the first to admit that I am not a country music fan. In fact even to this day if my radio starts playing that music I take the car to the dealership to be repaired. So to think I would sit for very long and watch square dancing or heaven forbid start dancing myself was tantamount to a prison sentence. But it was something my parents loved. I am not sure it was the dancing as much as it was the companionship. It gave them yet another thing to do together and that was the most important thing.

Besides dancing; my parents loved many outdoor activities. Every week we would go camping where we would go fishing or hunting. I grew up in the great outdoors and my parents were always there with me. We were a very close family. When I got to be older and my interests changed, my parents would leave us kids alone and they would go themselves. It gave them an opportunity to share each other’s company without having kids underfoot.

Even in the workplace my parents were together. My dad worked for Deckers, a janitorial supply company. When the children were small my mom stayed at home. When we got old enough to be at school my mom went to work also at Deckers where she managed the office staff. Every day my parents worked in the same office together and they were amazing. A lot of times a husband and a wife cannot stand to be that close to each other each and every day. My parents on the other hand seemed to thrive on it. I rarely remember a time when they were not by each other’s side.

Today marks their wedding anniversary. They have now been married 50 years. They graduated from high school in May 1958 and were married just a couple of months later. Their golden anniversary was spent much like every day of their married life. They were together and inseparable. They did not want a big celebration instead opting to spend some quiet time with each other.

As kids we each came home to wish them the best and to tell them how proud we are of their accomplishment. I have been married 27 years nearly half as long as they have and I know what effort it takes to be together that long. I love Trina dearly and someday I hope that we can learn the secret of my parents’ success and how they have learned to love each other unconditionally taking the best with the worst and making it better. Congratulations mom and dad, we love you.

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