And The Saga Continues

Yesterday I ranted about IX Web Hosting and how I had been down for days while they attempted to try and resolve a hardware problem they were having. Late last evening after the Diamondbacks game I arrived home to find that the sites were still unavailable. I again reached out to technical support at IX Web Hosting to get a status. I was told that my sites would be restored “very soon”. Since “very soon” had encompassed 3 days so far I wasn’t real confident that I would be up any time during this millennium. I expressed my frustration and asked if I could please be moved to a different server. Even if I had to recreate all of my sites myself it would be better than looking at an error screen. The technician was shocked that I would want to move servers since this one was being repaired and would be available shortly. Yeah he should come and hang out on my end and see what it is like.

Amazingly enough within an hour the server was restored and my sites were again available. This was awesome. I am only behind like a week now and all of these sites need to be updated. I immediately checked the connectivity to each site and once I made sure that I could actually get a page to load I began the update process. I stated with my blog to post the entries that had been waiting since before the server went down. I entered the URL to connect to the posting engine. Instead of loading the page I was presented with a page of error messages. I tried my other blogs Diary of a Diehard and 1 Photo 2 Share and received similar error messages. I quickly determined that IX Web Hosting had not installed the DBD::mysql and Mail::Sendmail PERL modules on this server.
I went back to the tech support line and explained the situation to the technician. Of course this was a complete waste of time since he could not help me. This was a job that only an administrator could do. I was asked to update my open problem ticket with the information. I had already expected this was the case so I had done that while he was typing. I was told that an administrator would be doing the work shortly. I again pressed to determine how long “shortly” was. I was told within the hour. Since it was after midnight I decided that I would give them until morning. I asked the tech if he thought that this would be done before 8 AM. I was assured that was more than adequate time and that I should expect resolution well before that. I went to bed a little calmer knowing that by morning I would be able to have my sites working again.
When I got up this morning I went to the computer to verify that everything was cool. I ran the test script to verify connectivity to the database and mail services. The results came back that the modules were not installed. You would think that after 3 days I would not have been surprised. I mean how naïve did I have to be to think that these people would actually be able to meet their promises. I went to the tech support line again and explained the situation to the technician for about the 12th time. I was once again told that this was a job for the administrators and that they would be getting to this “as quickly as possible”. I explained that I had heard that before and that I needed a definite time of when this would be fixed. I was told “shortly” which again did not meet the definition of definite time. I asked again when this would be completed considering that I had been promised that it would be taken care of within an hour and that was 8 hours ago. The technician came back with the timeframe of 4-6 hours. What? Did he seriously just type 4-6 hours? You mean to tell me that it takes a total of 12-14 hours to load two simple PERL modules that should be loaded by default anyway? Wow, I need to work for these clowns since it would be easy to meet expectations if all they ask is to load a couple of modules in half a day. I explained that I had been down for over 3 days and that I really needed these modules installed so that I could get back to work updating my sites. This of course means nothing to these people and the technician just quit communicating. So here I am 4 days later with a site that is limping along; one that I cannot update and users can barely use. Large chunks of functionality are unavailable and there seems no end in sight. Each passing moment brings more anger and frustration focused squarely on IX Web Hosting.

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