A New Hosting Beginning

I truly thought that after I posted that my hosting services had finally been restored that this would be an end to this never ending saga. I expected that the servers had to be bullet proof and I would not be seeing any more outages. I was of course temporarily delusional as I expected that IX Web Hosting would be about to maintain their hardware. On Monday of this week my sites again incurred an outage of nearly an hour. I went back to the problem ticket center and entered a ticket and followed up with a visit to the online chat. I was told that the server was having communications issues and that the administrators were aware of it. I asked for an estimated time this would be resolved but the chat host never returned to answer my question. I can only assume that he fell over dead and was laying there waiting for medical personnel to appear to remove the body. After the outage and services were restored I noticed strange behavior with regards to my blogs. Prior to the outage I was able to post entries and have those entries broadcast to several of the micro-blogging services including Twitter and Plurk. Now though that functionality was not working. After a quick troubleshooting session I realized that IX Web Hosting had somehow removed or uninstalled two PERL modules. I went back out to the web and opened yet another problem ticket requesting that these modules be added back to the server. That request occurred on Tuesday. Here it is Friday and the modules are still not installed and there is no timeline of when these might be completed. This is pretty much the end of my patience and I decided that I need to finally change hosting providers.

After quite a lot of research and recommendations from several people I think I have concluded that I will be going with HostGator. They have a very good reputation and have positive feedback. I am giving up a little bit. IX Web Hosting did provide dedicated IP addresses for each domain while Host Gator has a single shared IP address across the account. IX Web Hosting also allowed unlimited disk space and throughput where Host Gator does have limitations. Quite honestly the size limitations on the Host Gator offering is so high that it may as well be unlimited for sites such as mine. I had initially considered going with just a shared account but after talking to a very friendly person via Host Gator chat I decided to instead go with a reseller account. It is a little more money but it will work out much better for what I am trying to do. I am currently in the process of working through the order process. Host Gator has a promotion going right now that gives you 20 percent off your initial order which will definitely come in handy. According to their support staff once my payment is received I should have a new account set up within an hour or two. From there I can begin the migration process to move from IX Web Hosting to the new hosting servers at Host Gator. I am sure this is just a temporary move as I think ultimately I will probably go with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that I will support myself. Until then Host Gator will be a great place to be. At least I won’t be dealing with being down out have services unavailable for several days without any notification or assistance. If you’re looking for low cost hosting I suggest looking at HostGator, I think you’ll like what you see. I’ll try to keep you posted as to how the move goes and what my experience is with this new vendor. I’ll also post an update on how painful it might be to try and get my money back from IX Web Hosting.

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