Things We Make Our Kids Do

When we left Idaho last week I had hoped to stop by the Harley-Davidson dealership in Salt Lake City Utah and also the dealership in Sandy Utah. My goal was two-fold. First I love to see the various dealerships and how they are displaying their bikes and accessories. Second, and more importantly, I was hoping to pick up a dealer pin from each of these dealerships. I am going to attempt to collect the various dealer pins from around the country. When we got to Utah I realized that I didn’t have a chance to look up the addresses or get directions to either of these dealerships before leaving Idaho. I attempted to get the information via my iPhone while on the road but driving while surfing seemed like a really bad idea especially during Salt Lake City rush hour traffic. For a second I thought about asking Trina to surf for me while I drove but knowing her technology limitations I figured that was probably well beyond her expertise. I therefore skipped the two Harley dealerships instead making a note to stop there during the next trip I might make.

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