Homeward Bound

It seems like only yesterday that we had arrived to begin our vacation and yet today marks the beginning of the end. We are to leave Idaho today to begin our trip back to Arizona. It is with mixed feelings that I am leaving. On the one hand it is always difficult to say good-bye to those that you love. My parents and grandmother are not getting any younger (they love when I say that) and I always regret having to leave them not knowing exactly when I may be seeing them again. Likewise Mallorie will be remaining up here for a little while longer as she is not quite done with school. We are leaving our daughter Tiffany as well. She will be staying with Mallorie until school is out then the two of them will be travelling back to Arizona together. Trina’s mother and sister also live here and we’ll be saying good-by to them as well. The hardest part though is that this is also the final resting place for our daughter Lindsay. She would have been 23 this year but she will always be my baby. I’ve never quite gotten over losing her even though it happened so long ago. Trina and I don’t talk much about it but it is always on my mind. The emotional baggage I bring with me on this trip at times seems larger than the luggage we have with us.

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