Happy iPhone Day

Ever since Apple released the iPhone last year I have been attempting to make a case to justify getting one. No matter what the argument was that I would make there was someone who shot it down leaving me to flounder without a smart phone (does not having a smart phone by definition mean you have a dumb phone?). Finally a couple of months ago I stumbled upon the perfect reason for having an iPhone. I tried it out on Trina and sure enough she accepted my justification. I was in! I would soon be an iPhone carrying geek first-class to be worshipped by all the other geeks who had not come up with the perfect justification. Of course with any plan there may be issues and mine was no different. Now that I had the proper approvals I found that there was not an iPhone to be found on the planet. The rumor was that there would be a new iPhone introduced at the World Wide Apple Developer’s Conference. The morning of the keynote address I sat glued to my computer watching along and monitoring every blog and information service I could find. Sure enough the new Apple iPhone 3G was announced. The specifications looked like a dream phone. I could hardly wait to go out at lunch and pick one up. Wait, what was that Steve Jobs just said? I rewound the keynote address and listened again. It won’t be available until July? My heart of course sank at this news. I felt a little like Homer Simpson in the episode where he tried to buy a handgun. He went to the gun store to buy a gun because he was made and wanted to shoot someone. The gun dealer explained that there was a 3-day waiting period before he could get a gun. Homer exclaimed, “But I want to shoot somebody now! I don’t want to wait!” For the next 3 days Homer sat in his front yard muttering to himself as everyone he hated paraded in front of him making him want the gun even more. Yeah that is exactly how I was feeling about the iPhone. It seemed like everywhere I went there was someone with an iPhone just waving it in front of me.

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