Wii Fit To Be Tied

I had previously written about my shopping adventures trying to get a Wii Fit for my kids. Since that traumatic episode I have shied away from anything having to do with this device. Well that and the fact that the Arizona Diamondbacks have been in town for a 6 game home stand has left me with very little free time. The Wii Fit box had been set down next to the television and literally forgotten about until Dakota uncovered its existence. Since that time all I have heard was his pleas to set up this device so he could play. I swear, I really need to stash things in better places until I have enough time to deal with things after baseball season is over. Finally I could not take it anymore and I allowed the kids to set up the Wii Fit. I was hoping that telling the kids to go for it would dissuade them. I further assumed that setting up a Wii Fit would be too complicated for mere children to understand and therefore give me a little extra time. I was wrong on so many levels.

I got home from the baseball game to find that not only was the Wii Fit unpackaged but it was also properly set up and configured. I asked who had accomplished such a technical feat. My youngest Dakota raised his hand. At first I thought perhaps I had underestimated Dakota and that he was some sort of technology genius. His sisters quickly chimed in that Dakota did not deserve any special accolades as the Wii Fit was so simple that “mom could put it together”. At least I didn’t say that so I could not be held accountable.
Not only had the kids set up the Wii Fit but they had also completed their first workout. Being in the midst of a baseball home stand the last thing I wanted to do was start a workout routine. I therefore declined their invitation to get started leaving that up to Trina. I’ll give Trina credit; she is willing to try anything once. They set her up and began the workout. From the other room I heard the roars of laughter followed by the screams of agony as Trina realized that she was not quite in the level of fitness that she had imagined herself in. Considering Trina is in much better shape than I am in I was not going near that thing. That of course was not in the cards. The kids had barely finished laughing at their mother when they began hounding me that it was my turn. The last thing I need is a video game to remind me of what a fat slob I have become. I bowed out of their invitation but instead just got a reprieve of 24 hours before I will be forced to face the Wii Fitness Master for my 2-week torture. I always thought that video games were supposed to be fun. This doesn’t sound like a good time at all. Whatever happened to pong? Now there was a game I could master and really how much abuse can a small white block give you when it can’t even hit a square white ball travelling in a straight line across the screen? I think I have only a few Wii hours to live.

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  1. Jeff Blogs says:

    What Will Wii Think of Next?

    I’m developing a rather healthy love/hate relationship with my Nintendo Wii Fit. Ever since we got the thing I have tried to give it a fair trial. I know I am not getting any younger and my life seems to…

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