When It Rains It Pours

I should learn never to open my mouth. First it would mean a lot fewer nights spent sleeping on the couch. Second I would probably find myself in a lot fewer weird and unusual situations. In this particular context I would have had a much easier day and I wouldn’t be in nearly as much pain. A few days ago I noted that Trina and Whitney had left town leaving Tiffany, Dakota, and me at home to fend for ourselves. I also noted that part of the challenge that I had was to find something for Dakota to do so that he was not so bored. Yeah, that was a really bad thing to say. No sooner had I written that then the entire universe started to crumble around me. Ok, maybe not the whole universe, just that little piece that Trina left me in charge of during her absence.

The problems began last night as we were leaving the house to go and see the movie Wall-e. The kids had gone out the door and were standing on the front porch. I reached over to the light switch to turn on the outdoor lights so we would not return to a dark house. I hit the switch just expecting the light to turn on. Instead there was a loud pop above the kids head and they ran to the front lawn not knowing whether they were about to be engulfed in sparks, flames, or a shower of glass. I was still in the house and was likewise freaked out as sparks flew out of what used to be a working switch. I swear it worked when Trina was home. There in the afterglow and among the aroma of ozone I realized that I now had something to do for Dakota and me. We were going to be entering the exciting world of electrical repair. I went to the breaker panel and turned off the breaker until we could get to this problem the next day.
We came home to a darkened house after the movie. Only part of the house was without power (thank heavens for circuit breakers). The kids headed to bed and I decided to do a little computer work. I went to the roll-top desk and flipped the computer switch. Instead of a slight beep and the sounds of a hard disk spinning up I was greeted by the screeching of an undead banshee. The kids came rushing out of their rooms to see what I had just killed. I immediately pulled the plug to the computer. This was a sound that you rarely forget and I knew I had just lost a hard drive. Since I have 2 hard disks I opened the case and unplugged the drive. I restarted the computer to see what other damage I might find. After a thorough test I found that the DVD burner was also not working correctly.
So let’s recap, in the course of one evening I was now on task for replacing a bank of light switches in the living room, a hard disk and optical drive in the computer, and a set of knobs for the kitchen cabinets. This was not turning out to be a good day. I decided rather than incur any more damage I would just go to bed. I turned off all the lights and avoided anything else that might have a switch associated with it. I was obviously switch-challenged today and the fewer I came in contact with the better I would be. This of course was not without incident as I was completely in the dark trying to navigate my way upstairs to the bedroom. I think I must have found every Hot Wheels car and Lego block that Dakota owns with my bare feet. I should probably add first aid and finding a band-aid to my list of things to do. It’s no wonder Trina hesitates leaving me home alone. I should come with my own warning sticker.

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  1. Jeff Blogs says:

    What’s That Little Thing?

    I should never be allowed into an electronics store or a computer store unsupervised. There are just too many gadgets and I have too many ideas to be trusted to not come out of one of these stores without spending…

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