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I really don’t like Friday the 13th. It is not that I am superstitious, ok maybe I am just a little but you’ve never had to live through a 15 game streak where you couldn’t hit a ball if your life depended upon it. It’s funny, I am college educated and my IQ has been measured in the 140 range yet I still cannot get over the fact that luck plays such a part in life. Personally I don’t think luck happens as much as it is a manipulation of circumstances by the observant. In a lot of cases you can make your own luck just be watching everything around you and making the right choices at the right time. That of course means you need to maintain a higher level of concentration and consciousness than most people are willing to devote each day. Still, it is possible. But before you think that you can manipulate everything in your favor let me assure you that it isn’t quite that easy. Take today for example. The events that transpired with regards to my web hosting could never have been anticipated nor could they have been controlled.

Those of you who have read this blog in the past know that I use IX Web Hosting as my web provider for this site along with countless others that I maintain. For the most part I am relatively happy with their service and servers. That does not mean it is not without problems just that I am content for the most part. Today I was working on Diary of a Diehard updating it with my latest post. I was also adding game data on Now Hitting. It was a typical day and not much different than normal. During the morning hours I did encounter a connection error when trying to get to one of the sites. It was intermittent but definitely an IP socket error. I went to IX Web Hosting and asked if they could check the network to see if perhaps there were issues on their end. A while back IX Web Hosting outsourced their technical support to the Ukraine and since then the customer service has degraded badly. I used to get responses to my inquiries within a few minutes now I am lucky to get a response within 8 hours so I didn’t expect to hear anything back in a timely fashion.
This evening Dakota and I went to the Diamondbacks game where we saw a great game with the Diamondbacks winning 1-0 in extra innings. After the game we watched the Friday night fireworks display and then made our way home. My typical routine is to come home and update Now Hitting with the latest box score and who won the condiment race. I went to my computer and launched a browser window to begin my update. When I went to Now Hitting instead of my web page I received an error message. I retyped the address thinking I had made a mistake but it came back with the same result. I tried my other web sites including this one and likewise got the same error. I immediately opened a problem ticket with IX Web Hosting and entered their on-line chat to get someone to start looking at the issue.
I was told that my sites had been suspended due to non-compliance with the terms of service. I had no idea what that meant. They explained to me that my web sites had overloaded the server. I could not believe what I was hearing. These are not high traffic sites where thousands of people visit each hour. There are days I wish they were but I have no delusions of grandeur and know that these are destined to be small sites. I was told that I had to fix my sites before service would be restored. The funky part was that they would not tell me what to fix. Instead I had to respond to a message in their problem ticket system acknowledging that I had overloaded the server and promise I would not do it again. How was I supposed to do that? I had no idea what they were even talking about. I went round and round with the online chat guy and was getting nowhere. After 4 hours of frustration I finally went to bed. The next morning the sites were still offline and no status of when they might be back online. Three hours later I received a message saying that what had caused the problem was an automated script that would publish one picture per day to my 1 Photo 2 Share photo blog. Are you kidding me? Posting a picture per day will bring their server down? And for this they decided to shut down all of my web sites until I removed the code. The thing was, that code was removed the night before when I first started talking to technical support. Not because I thought it was a problem but because I was getting tired of receiving the emails it produced telling me it could not connect to execute the script. So the problem was resolved from my end within 7 minutes of the server going down yet I my service was disrupted for nearly 18 hours. Not only did it impact 1Photo2Share but all of my sites. I requested compensation from my downtime since they caused an outage and they have a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. I was told that was not appropriate since I caused the problem. I beg to differ, I am not the one who took my sites offline. This has been a very frustrating experience. I have lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I am beginning to search for a new hosting company. If anyone has a recommendation of where I could host 16-20 web sites with their own dedicated IP addresses please let me know. I am getting tired of having my sites held hostage on this host.


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