The First Day of Summers

Growing up with the last name of “Summers”, this was always my favorite day of the year. I mean how many people can say that they have a day that commemorates them for the next 3 months? Not only that but even Mother Nature pays homage to you by making your special day the longest day of the year. According to scientists and the Farmer’s Almanac this is the day where the Northern Hemisphere is tilted more towards the sun than at any other time of the year hence there are more hours of daylight on this date than any other. The days from the first day of winter until today have gradually gotten longer while the days from today until the first day of winter will slowly get shorter. Given this information it is important to take full advantage of this day and live it up.

I decided that I would get up at the crack of dawn and would fill my day with activity until the last rays of daylight faded so that I took full advantage of this date. On paper this seemed like a great idea. It wasn’t until the alarm went off this morning that I realized how stupid this really was. I was awake at the crack of dawn. I quickly came to the conclusion that they call it the “crack of dawn” because you have to be on crack before it dawns on you that you are up in what seems like the middle of the freaking night. Still, a promise is a promise and I got myself out of bed. I attempted to wake the other family members so we could all enjoy this day of activity. They seemed less than enthusiastic and I was greeted by moans, groans, and a few well placed shoes thrown at me before I decided this was a quest I would be embarking upon by myself. I briefly thought this would be the perfect time for me to call my new talent agent just to see what was up. Then I decided that probably wouldn’t be such a great idea. Instead I went to the computer and began working. So far my special day felt a lot like every other day except a lot earlier. When Trina got up she informed me that there was to be a sleep over at our house for Whitney and some of her friends. This meant that we would be doing some “spring cleaning” to get the house in order. I tried to explain that it was impossible to do “spring cleaning” on the “first day of summer” but my arguments fell on deaf ears. So let me get this straight; my special day had succumbed to being filled with domestic labor until such time as we get the house cleaned so that it could be invaded by ten 13 year-old girls? Wow, the scientists were right this would be the longest day of the year.
The day was grueling. It was spent cleaning rooms, washing bathroom fixtures, and preparing food for other people to eat. In the end the door bell began to ring as each young lady appeared dressed in pajamas and carrying what looked like luggage filled with make-up. This was like a guy’s worst nightmare. I was hoping that at least the Arizona Diamondbacks would be in town to give me a safe refuge away from the constant chattering of young girls. Instead they had left town leaving me to have to face this alone. Well at least there was an away game so I could sneak upstairs and hide in the master bedroom and watch the game. I opened the bedroom door to find that someone else had already had this idea. There Dakota sat on my bed with the television remote control. He had tuned into the Disney Channel and was locked in to watch Camp Rock. So not only was my house being overrun by teenage girls but my son had control of the remote and was now in the midst of a Camp Rock celebration marking the debut of yet another Disney musical. The only consolation I have is the fact that every day between now and mid December gets a little shorter. It’s a good thing, I am not sure I could survive another day like today.

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