So You Want to be a Star

As I arrived home from work I was greeted by a flashing light. That’s not to say that an LED was sitting at the door, it’s cord wagging waiting for me to arrive to play with it. It just means that as I walked through the living room I happened to glance over at the telephone answering machine and noticed the flashing light that indicates that there is a message waiting. The answering machine is an interesting device. I have now successfully lived through an era that began before this device was invented. I distinctly remember getting my first answering machine after we were married. I remembered the sense of freedom that I felt knowing that I no longer had to worry about being home or missing a call. Now if I was not at home someone would be able to leave me a message and I could return their call after I returned. It was an amazing feeling, quite liberating to say the least. I look at that now and think how pathetic my life once was that I would get excited about something as simple as a telephone answering machine. Now we take that kind of technology for granted. We have voice mail or a similar capability built into nearly all of our personal communications devices. Still, there is just something alluring about seeing a flashing “messaging waiting” button.

Part of that could be from the fact that the “message waiting” button is like an adventure beckoning us. You never quite know what you are going to hear when you press that button. That statement is never truer than it is at our house. Answering machine messages run the gambit from telemarketers trying to get us to purchase their latest wares to someone singing their message to us; to the president of a Major League baseball franchise wanting to speak to us. That is the great thing about the flashing “message waiting” button. It is the first step in a journey to communication and you never know what awaits you until you press the button. I was beginning to feel a sense of exhilaration as my finger inched closer to the button.
This was definitely not a message I was expecting. The voice on the other end introduced herself and began leaving detailed information. The nice young lady began by telling me how excited she was that I had shown an interest in modeling and the theater and then began telling me about upcoming casting calls that I might be interested in. Wait, what was that? I rewound the message and played it again. Obviously I didn’t hear something quite right. The message began again with the young lady introducing herself and thanking me for taking the next step in my modeling career.
I have done a lot of things in my life. I raced mountain bikes flying down a mountain at 70 miles an hour. I went scuba diving with hammerhead sharks off the coast of Mexico without a cage. I played semi-pro baseball in an independent league while in college. I’ve written software that tracked the movement of nuclear waste. I’ve designed pins and held events at Walt Disney World. At no time in my life did I ever consider a career in modeling. That is just not something that ever even occurred to me to attempt. I am not vain enough to think that I have the physique nor the look to be a male model. I’ve never envisioned walking down a cat walk nor have I ever picked up a magazine and thought to myself, “hey I could be that guy in the Dockers and make those pants look good.” Nope, I have been content just being an average guy in an average house with an above average wife (see, I am learning).
Now here I was sitting there listening to a woman give me details on who I needed to call and what I could expect from modeling and how they were a talent agency who would love to work with me to make sure that I got the proper exposure. Never in a million years could I have guessed that the blinking light on my answering machine would be a modeling agency wanting to talk to me about a potential career change. I’m definitely going to save this message. Next time I get on the Wii Fit and it tells me I am an overweight senior citizen I am going to hit the play button on my answering machine and let that silly video game know who it’s dealing with, Jeff Summers – Male Model.

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  1. Jeff Blogs says:

    The First Day of Summers

    Growing up with the last name of “Summers”, this was always my favorite day of the year. I mean how many people can say that they have a day that commemorates them for the next 3 months? Not only that…

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